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Sing me a lullaby

Well shame on me! I haven't kept my writing promise! I have been so obsessed with fear of looking like failing that sometimes - I keep myself from writing my life!

But - they say a poem never starts until you start speaking the truth.

I saw her in a crowd,
But, it was not me she was looking for...
I buried my screaming aching heart -
In the midst of my palms....
Breathe love, breathe

I want to be with someone forever
And I want it to be you!
In this life and past it
I want to take care of you
In sickness and in health - give you my life
In wealth and when we sleep hungry...
I want to be mischievous with you now
and haunt the world as ghosts with you
I don't believe in much, but I believe in these things!
No matter how hard the wind throws me off the shore
I know you will find me
I sang her a lullaby!
It will be well dear heart

 © Namatsi Lukoye