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For Charles Lwande - Cee L Nuke

Our sky has darkened without the light and life of Charles Lwande, who the art world embraced as Cee L Nuke, one of Kenya’s outstanding artists, vocalists, rapper, and poet. 35th Slam King, aarban cypher champ, amazing vocalist and captivating guitarist.

The countless souls who drank of the nectar of your beautiful music will surely miss you. May your legacy live on in those who were influenced and touched by the magic of your voice. May those who are broken - hearted by your loss find strength in the beauty of your work.
For your family and friends, may they find peace and comfort in dealing with your departure - we surely will see each other again. 
It has been a privilege to be rained on by your essence. 

For Charles Lwande, For Cee
We marched in to sing our hearts out, We came to Rap and recite some poetry We took shots at the back to tease our adrenalin! And you would run to the front– who would deny it, Cee You were the best selfie photographer I had ever met We were bonded; it’s as if th…