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Speak to me love!

Speak to me oh so gently my dear heart It’s getting dark, it’s getting so damn cold It’s getting crazy minute by minute, and I just want to run! Feel my pain my dear old friend Give me a beat, so soft, so I can catch my breath…
Speak to me oh so sweetly my love Feel the rush of my blood when my world shakes There are times, my love I forget how to breath… There are times… I forget even my name So feel me move, feel me move my love
Speak to me oh so truly my dearest heart I only follow you… I only listen to you I only believe in you – after all, it’s always been about you I have sunk – I have drowned – its time now to rise
Speak to me love! 
© Namatsi Lukoye

It has taken me so much effort to somehow paint a picture of words, of the mosaic in my heart! At this point I feel like the world is spinning so fast and that I cannot keep up!