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If you ever

If you ever… Find a heart so dear whose intentions are clear Dare to fall in love with it And am not talking about passion only – 
but lighting up a friendship you can fight for and live for The world is sham – I cheat you not Its dark and cold – so if you find a heart that sticks by you In the desert… walk with it through the sea! Love is a miracle by itself ask Moses Like plants we come and one day we will go Dare leave a memory that will make an eye shed a tear
If you ever fall in love Fall inlove with eyes that can see you past the beauty Fall inlove with hands that can hug and hold your spirit tight Fall inlove with an adventurer on a quest to fall in love with your soul If you ever fall in love Fall in love with some who defines love by how they feel about you!
Someone who will go on and on till you say, ‘Damn babe that’s enough!’
© Namatsi Lukoye

Got the lovely pic from facebook and fell inlove with it

Speak to me love!

Speak to me oh so gently my dear heart It’s getting dark, it’s getting so damn cold It’s getting crazy minute by minute, and I just want to run! Feel my pain my dear old friend Give me a beat, so soft, so I can catch my breath…
Speak to me oh so sweetly my love Feel the rush of my blood when my world shakes There are times, my love I forget how to breath… There are times… I forget even my name So feel me move, feel me move my love
Speak to me oh so truly my dearest heart I only follow you… I only listen to you I only believe in you – after all, it’s always been about you I have sunk – I have drowned – its time now to rise
Speak to me love! 
© Namatsi Lukoye

It has taken me so much effort to somehow paint a picture of words, of the mosaic in my heart! At this point I feel like the world is spinning so fast and that I cannot keep up! 

Find me

Find me oh Lord, For I have sinned… For my spirit is weak and my soul is stained Reach for me like a carpenter does a nail and drive me to my purpose I have been so lost I have praised myself, when none of it is me
Find me mighty saviour Find me Take it all, dry me up and clean me Then... just then at your perfect timing Fill me up again:- as you did once 
Find me great one Find me Give me a new voice, a new song Send me to lands where your grace lights my horizon Push me limits beyond belief...  Show me who to fly with... for human hearts are full of betrayal
Wherever you take me Earth, Pluto or the sun Wherever you lead me East, west, up or down I will be safe, because you hold my heart

© Namatsi Lukoye

Battle cry

I have not written in such a long time that I doubt people remember this blog exists...

I have been resting in an oasis in the middle of a desert... for a moment I could breathe. It has been kind; the waters are cool, the breeze is a song, the days and nights are perfect enough to let the beauty sink in. I forgot how it feels to be walk with blisters on the feet. Sadly the ozone is almost gone and the cruel sun has started touching the calmness of my resting nest.

I built walls to keep my heart safe, the moment love convinced me to bring them down! I did, now they are down and I hear the sound of war looming from the horizon.

People say pain changes people, it is taking every muscle inside me to forget that I have scars. I must run now before the army is here, I cannot fight, I loose every war I try. Polite people never win wars.

Love and light if you came here for this!

© Namatsi Lukoye

The perfect relationship