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White powder - white smoke

I may not say much...
probably because nothing should be said...
or maybe because , there is nothing to say
I wonder if you get this though...
You are like some white powder the government warns us against
Some white powder that people get addicted to
like some white smoke that can soothe pain for minutes
Make adventures yet relax the mind
Some white smoke that dresses others with courage am just putting it down down plain
Some powerful medicine that the body can crave for

And I could get addicted....
Mastered how you could steal my mind
Words are like sweet poison sometimes.... crush them inhale
See how my body weight becomes different in your arms - suddenly I am light
How I exist in two worlds and honestly I don't wanna come back!
Yes it was beautiful.
How sometimes I say things and actually feel like my mind is telling me to say them! 
So this could just be a poem about how I feel when I am high :) 
I will just sleep it through and will be fine in the morning
© Namatsi Lukoye