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Cinderella and the Glass Slipper - Prepain Medicine

I am trying to catch my breath now
Sure; that the distance is a little safe now
Sure; I heard her right... 'make sure you are out of the castle before the clock strikes at midnight'
Before the magic is done... before you see a werewolf turning
Before the mask falls off
Before the paint wears off
Less is always more and more less
So here I stand... Safe
I look back 

And I always for minutes look back at the castle...
I draw possibilities in the air of what would have happened if I stayed
Probably the love that would grow...
I smile just before I break down and cry at the coward I have become
Looking back chocked up with all the warmth that kissed me
And what if, I just saved myself from forth coming torture
I realize that I am in pain when I look at my blood coloured feet
Probably I should have worn glass shoes
What was I thinking
These things are fragile and you know how painful it is to run on broken glass
I must be mad... anyway what is love if not madness

I lay down stare at the stars thinki…