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Tell them!!!

Go tell them,
Tell them that I am that woman
That, I will wait and I will fight,
I will believe, I will sweat and yes I will cry...
Tell them, I will crawl like Hyvon Ng'etich,
 I will do what it takes to finish this race

And yes I have done things….
They say that part of being human is making mistakes
And unlike dreams, life isn’t only in black and white!
It has 51 shades of grey and lots of blurry lines
it has things only the blind can see and the deaf can hear
Let them not cheat you that it is simple! It is complicated...
Wanasema shilingi humulika nyingine basi maisha kawa sumu
Kwani kweli shilingi ni maua lakini tena yaua
Maisha magumu, soma kwa bidii! 
Mwisho wa kusoma, siunafaa upate kazi mzuri sana!
Vipi ikawa wimbo tu?
Nami najiita msanii, nina ndoto ajabu… wanaonijua kaniita ‘malkia hodari’
Lakini dunia kakanusha haya kaniona mchenge! Mtu hivi hivi
Wanasema chema hujiuza, kawa vipi kama maduka yote yalifungwa?
Je, unaelewa kweli maisha ya umaskini ama wewe huyaskia tu
Then why is it so easy for you… to judge a book by its cover?
Take a walk in my shoes and I will take you to places,
feed your brain with feelings and emotions of what people go through… 
so that next time when you talk the walk… the walk is true to the book
And you know a book is always true to your soul

Do you know how many women are asked for sex, so that doors are opened?
I swear the heavens are scared to count dreams broken by seeds like these?
Ndio, nina sura nzuri umbo na tabasamu… sauti tamu humtoa nyoka pangoni
Na kiuno kinacho hisia za kimapenzi
Lakini sikupi hata ndotoni
So tell them, for every door they close, ninavunja ukuta!
Ninakuja kama ufa tena kwa ubaya!
Tell them! Tell them that I am here
Right here!
That I am that woman….
I will wait and I will fight, I will believe, I will sweat and yes I will cry
But I will crawl like Hyvon Ng'etich, I will do what it takes to finish this race
Na kama Mola yuko mwambie anikumbuke
Niko kwenye highway sibanduki mpaka afike! Inshallah

© Namatsi Lukoye

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