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My insanity takes over once in a while...
trust me, i find pieces of me when the wind starts to whirl

When it lifts me and tosses me around
When the air starts to choke... and my tears get to the chin

When I feel that I can't take it in anymore

I find me in dark corners of hate
How I still want to plunge a knife into your heart, like you did mine
hold it then slowly push it down... as I stare at your face and smile
How I wish that you could feel that kind of pain that only I know

Or hear the shattering of your heart when it breaks

And no I will not let you close your eyes or attack you from the back... like you did me
I want you to see me! Heartless signing your corpse!
Namatsi was here... she saw and conquered
The sky did fall... look for her and throw her in jail

© Namatsi Lukoye

How much I love you...

 In the dark corners of silence
Strangely I find myself
drowning in an ocean of feelings
The noise and haste of this world can be so frustrating
That's whats why I always run

So if I get lost in the silence, like I usually do
And you find your self missing me, like you usually do
dont come looking for me
for I will be in your heart, like you are in mine
Where I always leave pieces of me 

That's how much I love you,

I swear this on the sun!

© Namatsi Lukoye