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The Mind is a con man!

If the sun shines tomorrow like it did today wake my heart with a kiss
If the moon looks for her in the darkness of the night
Hold me like the stars hold stormy winds when we make love
If she hides behind the clouds... remember me still
Remember me...
Remember my scent
how my skin felt
How my locks fell on your chest, when I slept on your chest
Remember my kisses and how my body moved against yours
Remember everything that comes with me.... I told her in a loud silence
Sometimes life is clear sometimes blur.....
Even this poem
and honestly I am not gifted with sight!
"Its all in the mind"... he said
But tell me how I only win battles in my mind never in the field
I guess luck is an enemy!
Oh how I hate vows and promises burn them before you see me
So if my voice is stolen by the witch of the sea, never to be heard again
Look for the truth in my eyes... If they still talk
Before you kiss me with your lies
Let me feel love when our lips touch even if it is only in my mind

The darkness inside

Once in a while I visit the shadows of yesterday!
I walk through forests that scare lions into dens
I know it aint wise, msitu wanisha kweli
Lakini nilijiagiza, I will go on with a hard heart until,
I learn how to become a snake...
or at least learn how to pretend
To hold gently, kiss passionately and push in the venom quietly without being noticed
until I learn how to fuck like the world will end! and kill slowly and gently
or how to burn the body, spirit and soul... with my eyes open

These shadows aint kind to me... but am tough enough to stand the heat
These shadows are like merciless warriors... but honestly death doesn't scare
In my small mass I swing my sword to the darkness life will casts
Its the thought of forgetting and not getting back at you,
that would scatters my dust or ash to spaces I never want to think of!
Like an eagle I am calculating...
Bury my heart in your prayers... nipunguze chuki angalau
For I am already dead!

© Namatsi Lukoye