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Since when was love a sin?

Warning:- Long and still rough

Give me some minutes to get this off my chest
Too much bile traveled up all the way to my mouth
So pardon me when I ask
Have you ever wondered what if we had no differences?
No different skin colour, or language
No different God
What if we were all godlike because,
we know that God is love & in his presence there is no room for hate
What if we cared about each other,
a little bit more to catch a brother, before he fired his gun to kill his father
What if we could do, a little bit more to just watch a body lie on the ground,
more than pity… more of help… more of giving…
What if words could fight with bullets…
What if you voices could stand in gaps… make a difference
Like rest fires that not only burn the body but that torments the spirits and souls
Because I tell you, hell is alive and it lives in the eyes of another man
What if your eyes could see that?
What if your voice could stop it
Talk about southern sudan… about the stories of war
Talk abo…