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honoured to be performing this poem at a friends wedding this coming Saturday... am so happy for them

He was born in mars
She was born in Venus
But the pull of the earths gravity made their spirits one
Like the power of the sun , I felt their passions burn
And watched their love glow and grow
Glow and grow

He was her charmer
She was the beauty of a rose
He held her heart… yet she was his strength
Painter of her world! Venus is such a mosaic they always say…
And mars… well mars can be something else
But in this race of life… I would rather be running with you
Their eyes would say… even when the storm was caving in

And when their hands touched they said
Royalty, put on your crown and take your place
Love me more… and more… and more
Love me when I am young, when my skin is smooth and my hair is makes heads turn
Love me when I age too… in my wrinkles and when I try to hide those grey hairs… Love me still
Rhythm divine calm me from the dangers of the world… with a kiss a hug…
Strangle me with your charms, soak me in your essence… let me be part of you
Move inside me like the words of a beautiful song
Like inspiration from a poet
Conquer my world… because Mars and Venus must be

I have never craved royalty… but with you by my side
Crown me and show me the throne
If this is the way you can be mine forever
Then let this be our happily ever endeavour
See we were created to be together
To trickle our names and stories for generations to come
Till death do us part… Love me now… love me tomorrow… love me forever and ever and ever
And if the universe allows you… love me in the next world too
Mars and venus can be

Congratulations to Amity and Brian Otieno


Any way reminded me when I was so inlove and wrote this... this is the remix though

They say Love makes the world spin...
but lust is the crazy part of this pen that makes it tick
And this crazy energy between the two of us frightens me
Chemistry so strong we got all equations balancing
Crazy physics how I am drawn to you... is there sideways gravity?
And I would fall into you even if it is for minutes
Since I took my first puff
No lie but, got hooked to your stuff
You heal me it is true this aint a bluff
Like some exotic therapy
You make me happy
Your love does something really great to me
It sends a warm but yet chilly spell right through my spine

I love you dangerously
I love you like; I love the dislocation of truth
I love you with all the light and darkness of the earth
I love you like a bagger loves honey
I love you like a gold-digger loves money, like money loves the rich
I love you like women love bad weaves, like men love peeing in the streets
I love you like… those dreams… those wet dreams; those I wanna be superstar daydreams
If loving you was work, damn I would be the employee of the month because I sure work hard
In day dreams and night dreams…

Oh I love you dangerously
I love you like Paris loved Juliet, like Juliet loved Romeo
And am in love with this kind of doomed true love
I love you like Luanda magere love nandi wife to trust you with my deep secrets
I love you like Samson loved Delilah, like Delilah loved the gold coins
I love you like Hellena loved Paris, like Paris loved Hector, like Hector loved Troy
And really I would hold a grenade for you… of course if you were dying too…
coz I don’t wanna be lost in the lost the other world alone
I love you like love loves love and wishes that lust would disappear, like lust craves for sex, like sex aims for an orgasm

I said I love you dangerously, I said dangerously
I love you seriously, I said seriously
I am caught in your thrall!
I love you like a junkie loves a dose of his medicine
You are my drug
I love you like a gun loves bullets, without which it is useless
I love you like a car loves and engine, like an engine loves fuel
I love you like a super model loves her Brazilian wax

I love you dangerously
Seriously… with the power of seven suns… trust me
I love you with your faults and imperfections
To me you are perfection without question

© Namatsi Lukoye

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