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For Craving Mothers

Let me start by saying that if there is a God, then He must be cruel
These storms are too strong! slapping each way you answer me these questions
How he gives others children they kill
How he gives others children they dump in toilets
How he gives others children they don't want
What game could he be playing?
I guess all He wants is to punish us at the end of the day

Every month she bleeds... she weeps
It tears her down to see the pregnancy strip with just one line
Tired of wanting to be a mother... it stings her not to have one
Prayers don't work.... or maybe she just aint doing it right
Kind of believes that only one will save her from the loneliness of the world
And all her friends have one or two...
Show her pictures
Ask her for names
Tell her tales of motherhood
Silence is her conversations... at the end of the day she cries

She has been to doctors tried everything even the traditional medicines
She has been prayed for, curses broken she believes
She longs for it... that first cry that make one a mother
She still stares at babies clothes
Buys them sometimes just to give them away and lie..... I bought it thinking of you
She feels like a part of her is not complete
And time is flying by...
It breaks her everyday to think that he could get his own with another

Does heaven count the tears she has shed!
Does heaven know how shameless the world is to remind you of what you don't have?
Now tell me how God is just?
Anyway should there be a giver of kids...
Bless the craving mothers

© Namatsi Lukoye

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I pledge my loyalty to the President
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© Namatsi Lukoye


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