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I am not yours to FIX

There is nothing as terrible as living in a circle,
when all you want is a dark corner that you can comfortably hide and cry in
How do you live as an open book when every reader is a critic
Watching your every step and even when they don't say it
You feel it.... the judgement in the eyes as they scroll one word to the next

(a feel of what's coming in :- All that I am - Namatsi)

I am trapped in this circle;
What i really want well the heavens lied about it
So I am lost somewhere in paradise... confused
It is not as it was told...
The rivers are not clear... pure blood
The gates are not golden... iced tears
There is no music... Choir master rebelled!
And I miss everything,
Everything I once hated
Everything that I once believed in...
Even the silence between us
I miss the stench of our rotting corpses...
Even the worms crawling on top of us... I miss it all

I wish I should have listened to the voice inside... I am not yours to fix
I am not a mix that you need to solve with …

Stories from Berlin - 2014

The air is filled with joy... i don't know why!
i can feel music in the passing winds...
love in the greeting smiles...
I want to capture this moment - freeze and frame me in it
and i want to move to this beat forever and ever and ever and ever...
All my tears dried and i cant believe they ever fell from my face
I traveled to lands that my mother dreamt of...
Felt biting cold, warm hugs and a soft kiss at a train station
I fell weak into my best friends arms and told her my worries in a poem on a stage in-front of an audience

I smoked the holy plant of another land... I don't want to talk about this:- one day my daughter might read this
I cursed on national television - am not proud of it
I was expressing myself and sometimes art can never be caged
I fell in-love with a girl --- like me and she lived inside me
I opened up to a stranger! Who must have thought that I was crazy
When I told him that my dream is to swim naked in the Indian ocean... and no I was not flirting i w…

Berlin tour:- April 5th to 13th

They say a picture is worth a thousand words:- Berlin was beautiful... so much to see, so much to find... so much to discover!