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I am a gold-digger deal with it!!!

In celebration of Women, I join 7 women to portray different types of stereotypes and women in a Play called:- Edge of Womanhood which will be showcased at the Alliance Francoise on Saturday 8th 2014. Five voices are represented:- The boss lady, The mother, The gold-digger, the bi-sexual, and the victim. Well my voice... a gold-digger! I am so excited about this... This is the spoken word piece I came up with

So you want to know who I am.
More than a number that’s for sure…

Let me tell you who the fuck I am
Past the diamond rings, golden chains and Gucci shades
Past designer perfumes… jimmy choo shoes and all the trips to France
I am a strong black woman, a mother…
So I understand security like the back of my hand
Heaven knows that I will never lack when I host a gold mine within
So, don’t feed me with love… mapenzi ni mchezo wa kuigiza
Ninini chakucheka kwa boda boda
I am not interested in relationships…
I only take gifts that are caked with money
I have no taste for sentimental value…
Don’t be shocked, sielewi kukosa, kusota wala kukopa
I let them know upfront that it is about that cake,
if you can’t make it then brother have a step
and surprisingly enough they play their part
Err sorry Mr.A the bill will never be mine
I understand tradition… you take care of me and I will treat you like the man,
Like the boss, like the king you are
Speaking about kings
Eeew I had to put up with Mr B. Eeew… I can’t stand him, he is so ugly… so naggy
I even hate the way he laughs
But… I can’t complain much well he just loaded my bank account,
And because of him soon I will be going Bangok to get more shoes for my business
That Mr C funded… See I live the life...
Men want women for sex… and women; we want men for money or love
I choose money

Don't be fooled, I am schooled… my conversations are top notch… master of manipulation
I sit with decision makers… CEOs, Managers… go to places that scream quality
I am long term goal oriented… Daddy D. Is paying for my mortgage in Jacaranda
Mr. E, has Amani enrolled in Peponi school, Peponi school
And the car Mr. F is shipping in… Oh!
I take what I need from those who have more than enough…
Those who think they have enough...
I don’t waste my time with those without… it’s far too expensive
I learned to use to use what I have, to get what I want
And I always get what I want… it is a quality that attracts them
I don’t play games… I play the game
The game of life… the game of survival for the fittest
At the end of the day money buys everything… even love and happiness
Call me a money lover… But aren’t we all chasing money
Men want women for sex… and women want men for money or love
I choose money

People call me all sorts of names… most women hate my guts
Funny thing with all us women
Is that at the end of the day, we all spread our legs the same way…
To fulfill a certain need:- love, sex or money
And I choose money…
Now so that you all understand me… women, I am not your enemy
I don’t want his love or his babies…
But if he is wealthy… (Not rich) you better learn how to share
Oh please…
No one owes you anything, stop stressing yourself… hating me… hating him…
Men will always be men, we all they say…
I just figured why spend mine… when I can spend yours
You may wonder how I always win…
Seriously how you going to give someone else all your love… all your trust
Women are crazy! And that is where I come in
I am an entrepreneur… I understand the demand and supply theory
I keep the supply low… and demand will chase after it like paparazzi following celebrities
It’s not about sex you know… keep them wanting… hoping
Plus with a body like this and face like this
Men love me and do whatever I like
Men use women for sex; why not use them for money
Disagree? Well... that's me deal with it

© Namatsi Lukoye

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