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I keep on waiting for you

I have loved you even before I thought I could have you
I love you, when I think of it I cry,
I cannot wait to hold you really... my arms ache for you
My ears ache for your call, even if it is a cry
And every-time the pregnancy strip shows negative... I have died inside
Yet I wait... daily
I care not what the doctors have said...
I believe you are somewhere... Inside me
I will wait for you
Even when my skin starts to wrinkly
I will wait for you
Even when hairs turn silver
I will wait for you
Even if you will come from another
I will wait

© Namatsi Lukoye

Did you Ever?

Did you ever see the woman inside me?
Was she as beautiful as I thought she was?
Was she as gentle too?
Was she everything you wanted?
Did you ever, well...

Did you ever meet the woman inside me?
Did you fall in love her?
Did her charms make you flimsy?
Was she what you were looking for?
Did you ever, well...

Did you ever wipe her tears? or did you leave her to tear...

Did you ever find her
Did you ever love her

© Namatsi Lukoye

I am a gold-digger deal with it!!!

In celebration of Women, I join 7 women to portray different types of stereotypes and women in a Play called:- Edge of Womanhood which will be showcased at the Alliance Francoise on Saturday 8th 2014. Five voices are represented:- The boss lady, The mother, The gold-digger, the bi-sexual, and the victim. Well my voice... a gold-digger! I am so excited about this... This is the spoken word piece I came up with

So you want to know who I am.
More than a number that’s for sure…

Let me tell you who the fuck I am
Past the diamond rings, golden chains and Gucci shades
Past designer perfumes… jimmy choo shoes and all the trips to France
I am a strong black woman, a mother…
So I understand security like the back of my hand
Heaven knows that I will never lack when I host a gold mine within
So, don’t feed me with love… mapenzi ni mchezo wa kuigiza
Ninini chakucheka kwa boda boda
I am not interested in relationships…
I only take gifts that are caked with money
I have no taste for sentimental valu…

Tailored Poets... Celebrating Kenyan Poets

(Photo By Lubale Lukoye)

They say it’s never the poet, it is the poem
Then I am the poem
I am the poem of tailored poets
Burning with words and passion
I carry metrical compositions of feelings and illusions
I can blaze up the mind like El Poet does
Stimulate senses make you call me Abu... give me a bow
I can pull a crowd with my eyes and voice
Call me checkmate! Now question that! Oh no Question this
I used to be a Poet, Now I’m a Poem’ I am… Samo, Call me almighty

I am the poem
I seduce the spirit and I touch the soul… and make you a prisoner in my words,
I create a maze and I amaze I am carol
It’s my charm I am Raya
A mark of perfection stitched and pressed by Orator
Je, unahisi hisia ama nirudie mara ya pili?
I am a theater of words call me Oduor Oduku
I am that poem that makes you question
Is a picture really a thousand words?
Because I am deep like that… they call me Kuni Mbichi
I am hard and raw nasiringi wala sifichi
Maneno yangu ni moto ni kama pili pili
Pia ni matamu hum…

Nairobi... Part One


She is every element of life
Earth, air, water… she is fire
She has the softest lips and the curviest of hips
Her eyes spark greatness each time she blinks
They see right into the soul, yet she is so full of mystery
Her charm is corrupted by some darkness…
You can only swim in her waters of doubt…
Because you can never figure her out
She walks with a swing and a stride that shakes the whole earth
Towers as beautiful as breasts, as thick as thighs
Growing higher to touch the sky
And men run to her, yes, just to sip her seeds
Sweat and toil in the dirt, just to make it
Pregnant with expectations and dreams of a nation
Her simplicity is her complex nature
She is earth
She is everything every woman dreams to be…
But sometimes she forgets that she is earth!

She is air
Her voice
Is hidden in winds stuck in her lungs
For she is trapped in silence hoping the world can read her eyes
It never does… and a star falls each time
Escorted by the tears of this ma…