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Conversations with my mind (1)... This thing called religion!!!

When the colonizers came...
They saw no similarity between the god they preached and the one African supreme being
We were lost in sin... lost in darkness... lost in shame
So we adopted chains of mental slavery
And forgot that we had a god...
who was omnipotent... omnipresent..
who was holy and invisible...
We built him shrines and offered sacrifices like Abraham did
We played him drums and danced praises like David did
We prayed to him for miracles and rain, like Jesus did
But now those ways are deemed pagan now

We cant believe that our forefathers worshiped 'idols'
and the irony is you will see Africans now in the front rows of religious wars
Sometimes I think that religion is another invention of greed
created to cause divide!
The funny thing is, it is a taboo to question it or reason with it
Other times i think it is a way for the hopeless to find peace
For some, their point is to get rich... trust me... the gospel artists know this
The preachers teach this