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Give me one reason to be proud to be a Kenyan!

Days like these (random thoughts)

I don't know about you
But being kenyan nowadays is not really a source of pride,
for me Namatsi,
Most times I ask myself... what is there to be proud of?
Our culture? Really? Who is still passing it on to his kids?
Our Music? Really? who is teaching their children how to break a leg the isukuti way... even schools stopped this this
Now it in with the talent shows mainly the dance competitions... who stays on the stage na nani aende home
Trust me I have seen parents play nothing-else but ragga in homes!
and I have no problem with that type of music...
its us I have a problem with us... just consuming everything
Our wealth? What wealth... some idiots even sold the lions of Tsavo to the USA
Most times I ask myself... what is there to be proud of?
The big five? Really? Lions and elephants are facing extinction within the next 20years...
or we will only rejoice that we once had the kings and lords of the forest walking on our land
The people? Real…

I never picked Poetry! She chose Me!

If there is one thing life has taught me it is the beauty in surprise, and daily I am surprised, from every person who comes into my life. I am more so moved by poets who first love poetry more than fame or money because those are the people who are true to its cause, as they grow it grows with them. So learn to love your art, learn it well, learn how to perfect it each day, learn how to speak each word clearly and to pass a message. Learn how to perform, when to cry when to smile and learn from whom, when and where to ask for help. Learn your art! Then it will give back.

I am actually one of those people who got into poetry out of being pushed by friends and my mother… I always wrote, can’t really remember when I started writing (and not just writing my writing for fun; my inshas were pinned on the school notice board in primary school). With a lecturer for a father, I had to do 5 mathematical sums, a one paged insha and composition per day. Which he used to mark! I was never good …