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I don't blame you

I don't blame you at all,
This is the life you have been used to
How dare I teach an old dog a new trick!
'Do it on your own, no one helped me'
You sing even before you pick my call!
But wake up and see that the world has changed
I am grown, so I really don't need you to hold my hand
You should be more than blood binding but an inspiration
Does that have a price!
But then, I remember that you do not owe me anything

I don't blame you at all
How can I
I just wonder... Is it okay that you were just a whisper
Because i see other families tight
And standing in the gap for each other
But I am guessing that you already did your part
And I should stop this nonsense
But sometimes a girl like me
just wants you to pat her back and say you are proud
But your pride wouldn't let you will it?

I don't blame you at all
Mum asked me to stop
She prays for you... I don't
Now I look at the mirror and pray that I do not become like you
My heart just hardened
I just hope…