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Nimeona niwache kucheza na moto
Nitaangamia bure kwa joto
Kutazama mvunguni nikitamani chako
Nikujichosha bure tako...
Langu laja kesho

Elewa dunia ni duara
Aliye chini kesho hupanda
wajiona simba, waniona mwiba
Nguvu zangu wazipima, unasahau nadunga!
Kesho langu laja

© Namatsi Lukoye

Can you Handle this?

There is something strange about your eyes...
They pull me too much: and I really like the stare
That dirty little look! like you know what I am thinking
Something irresistible about your voice or is it your lips?
What more can they do... I wonder!

There is something sweet about your cologne or is it your charm?
Something about the shape of your fingers and how short your nails are.
Yes! something is turning the queen on:
When you stretch your hands for a simple handshake!
I wonder what they could do when you decide to play!
Or just how warm your body must feel
There is something about you, that turns on!

So when I walk in front of you with a swing,
or drop a pen just in front of you,
Do you get it?
All these thoughts playing in my head! utaziweza kweli?

© Namatsi Lukoye

Random Thoughts...

What is there to laugh about on a bodaboda?
What is there to cry about in a Range Rover?
Loving someone is the craziest thing in the world
Crazy beautiful, for the lucky few
Crazy ugly, for the people who are lost…
Love has chains that can bind and pull one to any direction

I have seen it all
In her eyes... when they exchanged their vows on their wedding day
I have seen it all
In his tears… each time he hit her and cried sorry
I have heard it all
In her prayers when he is out on his ‘ business trip’
I have seen it in his efforts
So that she may have some food to eat!
But there are so many broken promises between us nowadays
That makes me wonder… Does love really exist?

Where there is no money, how can there be love?!!!
And where is this place where, I can find love?
This place I can call a comfort zone?
This love nest, where it rains money at the same time
But where the heart breaks not?
What is there to laugh about on a boda boda?
What is there to cry about in a Range Rover?