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Imperfect Me

Sometimes, as an artist it is scary to let people see beneath my beautiful:- for the world may discover that I am not any where close to perfect! It could be shocked at the things that make me, me. I feel like the ones who know me and those who have fallen in love with my art before they do, judge me differently. Sometimes I am scared that my fans might think that I am totally pretentious! That while I amaze others, I disgust others.

Well most times it is difficult to live in two worlds; one as this role model (hero) who can sing like a bird, write to so well or dance like angel; while the other a human carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. I am on a journey to find myself; I am blessed to have people float and swim in my words, it is a blessing to have people want to be like me, want to write like me and want to live like me! It is scary. Sometimes the more people look up to me the more I get lost and forget how to get back to being myself. I am only human!

I should le…

Poetry Under the stars

Traveling always sets the spirit free.Poetry on the other hand is the heaven souls run to get comfort.

Poetry under the stars is an overnight poetry event scheduled for 27th July 2013. The event hosted by Poetry under the stars, Kenyan Poets Lounge and a few other stakeholders will be at Cray Fish Camp, Naivasha. Tickets are going for 500/-. The event is speculated to be the biggest poetry event this year, and I will be performing.

© Namatsi Lukoye


There is a queen inside me:
Yearning to shine
Queen Makeda of Sheba
is deep inside me
Comfortable in her skin, size and shape
Needs no assuring…
She knows she is it

Past Make the up
her beauty is skin deep
It’s her light
the spark in her eyes
It’s her heart
the warmth it has
It’s her feet
they strength they have
That makes her stand as the world shakes

queen of Matamba
It’s her might
oh she is a mountain
A flowing river that souls confide in
it’s the confidence in her stride

Tiye the Nubian queen
Black, beautiful, gorgeous… and shaped with pride
A master in the home and a slave for love
She is a winner of hearts, this queen inside
There is a queen inside me
I need to find
Because I want to be her

There is a queen inside me

Of charm and worth
Cleopatra, Beauty doesn’t come close
Perfectly designed from a golden rib
She takes no less, no compromise
She knows her place and rules it right
It’s her uniqueness that makes them bow

Amina Queen of Zaria
She is proud to be different
Beyond doubt she is reaso…