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Blown Away

The gods have decided to blow me away
They have blocked all the light rays
All I can do is remain in this fray
Rest my soul, let’s not make a scene
Tomorrows mercies shall carry us home

© Namatsi Lukoye

The last tear just fell

The last tear just fell from my eyes
Not because people at funerals get to laugh too
But because I am done with mourning
And I feel the hairs on my bald scalp sprouting up
So I know that I got it in me to live past this
Like a woman recovering from Cancer, I cannot hide my joy

The last tear just fell from my eyes
This is me smiling, as if the storm never wash away my house
This is me laughing, as if I know where I will sleep tonight
I am still breathing, I figure
I feel that divine comfort that comes with grace
Deep within this very heart, I feel his embrace
In my confusion, with all my questions
I at least I never forgot where to run to

The last tear just fell from my eyes
I stopped dancing to war songs, blood shouldn’t inspire me
I stopped dancing and playing with knives, pills and poison
Upon killer winds and waves
In wilderness and when when hope runs away
When all I see if fear
Lord, you have walked with me
I know people like me are not fair to you
Bending our knees only when w…

Hate is a kiss away when the heart breaks

I killed a man
I ripped out his heart and tossed it in the flames
For the lies he fed me

I killed a man
I dried up his spirit
For the tears he stole every night

I killed a man
I walked away with his soul
For the monster he turned me into

I figured
Why should he breathe, while my corpse roams the world?
I loved him with all my heart
I guess hate is a kiss away when the heart breaks

© Namatsi Lukoye