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Heart like mine!

I believe in a perfect world
In blue skies and green fields
I believe in love, unconditional and true
The kind of love that exists in fairy tales
Love hard to find days like this where angels drown in the wind they fly in
Because the air is pregnant with tricks and betrayals and hurt
These new molecules burn the lungs and rip the heart!

I live in a perfect world
I believe in truth, however bitter
Like a cure it sets my soul free
So these lies, in this maze! I fail to figure out
Still planted in a devils workshop
I am too trusting! Too open! Too good
Of all the times I have been burnt you would think I would learn
Yet I remain to be the hurt fool!

I live in a perfect world
Where friends are friends and enemies remain enemies
There is no disgusting hypocrisy!
Humanity sometimes deserves a second, third, fourth and tenth chance
That sometimes I ask myself, whose mercy are we really at?
Far we have fallen from what is good
Few give me hope
I believe in hearts like Mandelas, in forgiv…