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That Person

I will find you,
Like the sun runs after the sky each day around the world,
I will.
So when they ask and make you doubt, turn around,
You will see me behind the darkness,
I swear.

Like stars keep the moon company
when it’s having its days of breaking down,
I will stand by you firm and strong.
So when the hurricane rises up to engulf, baby I will be the wind fighting it to stop,
I will be there,
Trust me.

I will wait for you,
Like graves wait for us all,
I will.
As each day passes by, the closer you will get,
Believe me

Like a child’s prayer his mothers lips,
I will protect you,
When you feel like giving up,
I will believe in you, I heard that it has its own power

You should know,
That for you I will,
Because I am that person.

So I ask you,
To be that person too.

© Namatsi Lukoye

To days is worlds poets day:- I just felt the need to write


A woman shares a thousand things with the cat. One of them is the ability to lie down stretched on the sofa, purring softly. But that is just about it – because you never know what is going on in the cat’s (woman’s) mind.

How can you know about the woman – her world, her wildest fantasies, her relationship with her handbag, her God, and her number one enemy (or is it friend?) the man?

You can do two things; ask the cat or ask the woman.

AwakeningKenya ( sponsored by Safaricom Kenya brings together six performers, who have been performing on poetry, tales and music. They are Namatsi Lukoye, Sitawa Wafula, Wanjiku Mwaura, Carol Njenga, Emylee and Jannet Mumo.

Backed by one of the Afro-fusion thrillers Lele Ngoma, they will be at the refurbished Michael Joseph Centre, at Safaricom House talking to men while they compare notes with other tens of women set to attend the show. The event will be emceed by the Slam Champion Wanjiku Mwaurah.

The organizer and brains after the …


It was an honour performing at the Alliance Française Nairobi on the 12th of March 2013. In Celebration of Women, The evening started with Sherry Horman's movie The Desert Flower; a true story about Supermodel Waris Dirie who escaped childhood nightmare in Somalia and became a global supermodel.

The performance was a taste of the SO-EMs in the upcoming album Nirvana, originally done alongside the band JKD and Valary. Since the show was about celebrating female local artists, I was joined by Valary Mdeizi, Pauline Ayuko, and Louisa Mutero. JKD's Charles Murage as usual played the guitar.

It was day worth remembering especially it being my first Solo Show. The journey of 1000 miles starts with one step and this is one of those steps!

I also have to add; that I will do my best to make this album remarkable.

© Namatsi Lukoye
Pictures by Koa-Media

The Commercialization of Poetry – Spoken Word Poetry

It is important to note that in the light of trying to do something, it is impossible to escape the trap of trying to be someone. At the end of the day, it is human nature to want to be recognized and if possible appreciated.

The word commercial in Word based art does not encompass only the art’s structure; it is in the presentation/packaging (whether in books or on a stage), and a marketing strategy will enable the artist/poet to pull in EFFORTS directed at attracting a profit. These EFFORTS need money. So has poetry been commercialized? Well has it been scribbled on trees or on stone tablets for all who pass by to read or listen to it for free? Kindly take note: - that nothing is free in this world there is always a need to be satisfied.

However, learning from experience, I will not advice anyone with weak finances and with no sponsorship to organize an Open Mic Event; because organizing such an event takes so much than one can imagine. All in all both the organizers and artists s…