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The great samurai held his might sword
Within a minute he sliced my confidence with it
His words
And I was lost in a forest, couldn’t find a chord to hold me up
So I let him score! Again and again
I would hide in corners dark, hoping that his light would not burn my eyes
I couldn’t imagine my shadow meeting his…
You would think that he was a god! His actions shook me down to the marrow!
With just an action, the streets would be red! Chaotic
But my siblings loved him!

The great warrior held his mighty spear
From the way he walked, it was clear that he ruled the sphere
Children looked up to him, for a future he did not envision
For him, pain was not pain until it was severe
And I am not talking about bullet holes or acid burns pains!
Much worse! Grief! Like losing the person you love over and over again
He loved the smell of tears; they designed his cologne
He swam in blood and sweat
And wore the skin of other men in the biting cold

The vulture perched on the weak br…

I want to strip for you

I want to strip for you!
There is a way you make me feel, when you stare at me like that
There is a chill you send down my spine, when I feel that you want me like that
There is a way you light up fireworks, which break me down to what they call blush*
There is a way you play in my thoughts as I dress up in my two piece suit
There is a way you inspire me to: - strip, for you

So I am sexting you… because thoughts of you still make me wet
I love this place… it is called comfort zone
After all this year’s … you still give me that look
I love this place… it is called comfort zone

I want to wine slowly for you
There is way this music fills the air with pleasures of sex
I touch myself to thoughts of you and they still take me to heaven!
There is a time I learnt a dance, just to show you
There is way I want to move, slowly and cautiously
So you can feel the smoothness and tightness of my skin
You make me feel perfect, in my body and shape!
I want to wine slowly for you

So I am sexting yo…

Little woman

I pity you,
Little woman
I see you running down the streets
I see you know the wonders of make up
Are you flaunting or hiding something?
I see you in your short tight skirt, a purse in your hands
trying to run in your little high heeled shoes
I can't imagine how your little hands massage your ankles at the end of the day
Or what pedophiles think when you pass by with your mothers perfume on
I pity you
Little woman

I feel for you
Little lover
Exposed to all the secrets of pleasure
Past kissing
You let boys and men touch your growing breasts and finger fuck you in corners dark
Dirty nails, sweaty backs and on muddy grass
So you find it cool
to be called someones girl-friend
I feel for you
Little lover

I forgive you
Little girl
Disrespecting your mother... saying that 'dad could have done better!
Don't you know you have her eyes, her legs and her smile
Don't you know that she let you suck on her nipple even after you bit her!
That your cry brought her running to you
I f…