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The Note

All she did was leave a note
All she did was ask a question
Why me?
Silently going crazy
All she did was weep inside…
Nobody cared about her outward tears
All she did was scar her heart
And imagine that nobody cared
So all she did was leave a note that caught our attention and change our concentration

All she did was to try too hard
Suicidal thoughts giving her brain a lap dance
All she did was think that this was the only way she could get some attention
She did; was everything wrong or so they thought
Question everything right... break rules
Create a world of hate around her cause there was no light
How could God be so cruel, unjust and unkind
She lived in a ghetto mentality… her reality and path had bold colours of poverty as its rails
So when she stumbled to the side looking for a place to lean on
All she did was stare at the stains of loneliness left on her palms by those rails
As the blisters on her feet empathized by being less pain
Spent all her time in this devils…