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Project August to December

To all my fans,

Apologies for the long break without posting poems. For a long while I have been planning to do a book, but for some reason I haven't, I have always felt like one more poem then it will be ready... any way I guess things always happen for a reason. Instead of a book I have been on the journey of coming up with an album. I am so excited (I should post my experiences at the studio)

The first poem is done featuring JKD and oh my God I have never been more proud of myself. I am itching to release it but my producer suggests that its best to wait for all works to be ready.

The album will be have eight of my best pieces (some of which I have never shared), done very differently and beautifully .....

* The champ
* Breathe
* Queen
* Nothing goes unpaid
* Hold me
* Miss Cinderella
* Blackman
* Let me inspire you

Should there be a piece you feel that I should add, let me know. Hopefully I will be in a position of doing a video for two or three pieces (prayers).

I pray …

Riding Tide

Riding tide
Cover me, and scare them away
I can't breathe when the air is too fresh...
I can't cry in the sound of laughter
Or be calm... because nothing is happening...

Heaven, explain things I cannot see
Why everyone prays to you... you must be confused
Riding tide... am afraid of you not...
Hit me with the strongest wave!
I swear... no matter how strong... I will shed no tear

Riding tide!
Kill me! Not softly! fast so that I feel no pain
Because if it pain.... I have felt it in lies
In a knife plunged in my back by my own...
I think I know how Jesus felt
I think I know why he wept!

Riding tide!
The time has come! Cover me! Leave nothing of mine behind
Kill me!

© Namatsi Lukoye