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Where your poetry should stand

The sooner we realize that every artist was first an amateur, and then understand that there will always be someone better than you, the higher we can fly!

Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for literature with poetry that "gives a fresh access to reality." Could we afford a dream like this?

Yes why not? ‘A truly creative person rids him or herself of all imposed limitations’ Gerald Jampolsky.

Millions of writers dream of fame and fortune or simply for their work to be taken seriously. Others however, would be grateful for the smiles and praise of their friends and loved ones. The reasons for writing are endless.

Being competent at something is a goal we all embrace and sacrifice to attain; we study, ask questions, mingle with others like us, and the list goes on. However, in my research many poets are not ready to get the top. We are so much in a competition with each other which makes our pieces dilute or a complete joke. There is a focus on…


When life billows, when am tempest tossed
I want you to be the one to catch my tears
right at the chin where they join just before they drop; with might
Is that alright?
When I am discouraged when I think that all is lost
I want to come to where you are, so I may just see you
Not that you know what to do... but seeing you confused thinking of how to help
Gives me the strength I seek
Will you be my king?

For I am done with the young girls foolishness
I surrender all those things that chained me to that box
Going against the odds, am about to walk on water
Taking what life is giving me with no regrets
As I spin this wheel of changing fortunes of time
Who would predict years to come that men would idolize themselves
No longer Apollo but in with Jay - hova,
Who would know that they would not drink wine but blood and not preach water but shame
Let the wind whisper mocks them
I know that He is jealous... but this feeling He made
There is no harm
Can I be your die hard Queen?

When I am bur…


... and surely from the safety of the angels eyes
I know that I am deeply felt
and I find peace with my soul

... and I got lost somewhere trying to compete
or rather make him see me
Dying inside because I love him more than I loves me
When he loves her more than he loves me!

... Look at her walk
'nene kowinyo nungo'
As gentle as the pettle of a rose flower
but with the strength and faith of a mustard seed
This woman is the whisper of love

... Milihoi kashuka duniani
Wakaangamiza malaika wa kweli
Sasa kilamtu kageuka shetani ni nguo twavaa za malaika
Vipi basi kwa bidii ya mwadamu mwenzangu mimi naishi kwa maumivu

... I am a Red head
people like me drown the world face down when it curses
We are true to ourselves
because we only got one life


© Namatsi Lukoye