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Dear Pen, dear paper

So far this is the best collabo I have ever done, and not because it was with my brother but I think it also the fact that words were just there! we wrote this poem in an hours time!!! no competition just trying to appreciate writing! My writing represents the kind of writer I am so does his. He is so easy to work with, and art was strongly there.... this poem does not ask for anything rather than thanks the power of words!!!

Dear Pen, dear paper
Take me to this lands planted in my brain by the images I see on TV and in pages of my magazines
Elevate me and let me feel the breeze that a prisoner feels when he walks out the walls of prison as a freeman
Bring me that joy, strong enough to seduce the pain of labour by giving the beautiful cry of a new born baby
Make me a creator of words pen, a craftsperson of verses
A pro of metrical compositions strong enough to carry feelings and illusions

Make me a king, a god of words
Make me rule in this world, I think
A sailor in this ocean of ink,
A prodigy because it was only you from the start who really acknowledged me
A warrior I hold you my dear pen as my spear, loving paper as a shield come along
Take me here to this place I have never been
Come along take me near to the greatness in the scene to be seen by all
My dear pen, dear paper
Make me and take me above them all

Dear Pen, dear paper
Shield me from this cruel world by being the sparkling light in my sky
And if better it is to light a candle than curse the darkness;
then be my light at the end of this tunnel
Wait for me there pen
As my insides meditate on the power of words
Wait for me paper
As I prepare for my step
A mark in history to be remembered
A sign of victory that cries; baby freedom
A place I can run away, by myself to find me
A blank page I can draw my dreams and plant myself in places I may never be
For there I can totally be me

So pen and paper
Take me into a trance take me to places further than America, England and France
Take me to the edge of the planet
Lets plan it me and you, how I’ll leave a mark on the universe with every verse I leave
Let me shake the earth’s foundations with every letter I use
Let me reach the limitations that I never knew, and bring something new and something true
And bring something that has never been heard or seen before
Just before the world ends let me blend with the wonders of the cosmos
Lets fetch the applause from the population
Rise against every nation, revelation I am speaking now?
Your attention picking me! Wow!
My dear pen dear paper lets leave them asking how?

Dear pen, dear paper
Be the home of these weapons: WORDS
Receive them like a soldier coming back home with pride
Hug them like God would hug a repenting murder
Receive them like the sky does the sun by day and the moon by night
They say sticks and stones break bones
But you know that these words you bleed, scar my dear paper
Can break any spirit and terrify any soul
These words can break and make a man
They heal and can kill
They destroy and can create
These words can burn the soul and drive it to hell
These words can bring the Glory of God down
Dear pen, dear paper paint them this picture
Clearer than the tears of the crying stone
More beautiful than the shy mountain

Dear pen, dear paper
Come and speak to me gladly
I want to hear the voices in my head like randy
Take me to the boxing ring go twelve rounds
Take me to the sky because am tired of the ground
Take me to the place where no one else can reach
Like an itch you scratch, come attach me to that that we don’t understand
Dear pen, dear paper make me the man

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