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My daddy and I

This man called my father,
How I wish that he could understand that I love him so much
That his brilliance in explaining the stupid questions I asked as a child
And the games we played; his care, his advice
Have modeled me to be the queen I am
And what a queen you have made dad!

This man called my father
How I wish he could understand that he is my hero
He who let me follow my own path and even when he was in doubts
Especially about my grades
He can only laugh with pride when he sees me shine on TV!
And what a star you have made dad!

This man called my father
How I wish he knew that I believe that he is perfect with his imperfections
I still look up to him and would run to his arms when the storm is cruel
He whose features have made me the beauty I am today
And what a beauty you brought to this world dad!

Daddy what are you?
If you are not treasure
And what a wonderful treasure, God has given me without measure!

Dr. George Lukoye Makokha you are loved by your daughter

© …

To the whore who wants my man: Get this one right

In all honesty this is the worst part of being an artist of words, a writer, you just have to put your life, hurt and secrets on paper!!! It is the greatest weakness. Anyway here is the poem

I don’t usually do this
But your confrontation and the selection of your words when you followed me pushed me
So disgusting, don’t you have class
I don’t usually do this
But when you looked at me from top to bottom comparing yourself with me

I do this
I write poetry to heal and question
I write poetry to inspire and teach
I write poetry to challenge my writing
To escape from the collapsing walls of this planet
I write poetry and stories as beautiful as she... Hera more beautiful than Aphrodite
My words as her beauty are renewed each spring... Sometimes you just have to study to get them
Woman I GOT BRAINS that you don't come close to

I do not usually do this
But your rudeness sparked the flame
I do not usually do this
But when you mocked me in public …

Dear Pen, dear paper

So far this is the best collabo I have ever done, and not because it was with my brother but I think it also the fact that words were just there! we wrote this poem in an hours time!!! no competition just trying to appreciate writing! My writing represents the kind of writer I am so does his. He is so easy to work with, and art was strongly there.... this poem does not ask for anything rather than thanks the power of words!!!

Dear Pen, dear paper
Take me to this lands planted in my brain by the images I see on TV and in pages of my magazines
Elevate me and let me feel the breeze that a prisoner feels when he walks out the walls of prison as a freeman
Bring me that joy, strong enough to seduce the pain of labour by giving the beautiful cry of a new born baby
Make me a creator of words pen, a craftsperson of verses
A pro of metrical compositions strong enough to carry feelings and illusions

Make me a king, a god of words
Make me rule in this world, I think
A sailor in this ocean of ink,