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I will make it come rain come sunshine

Dear pen, take me to this lands planted in my brain by the images I have seen on TV and in magazines. Elevate me and let me feel the breeze that a prisoner feels when he walks out of the walls of prison as a freeman. Bring me that joy that seduces the pain of labour by hearing the beautiful cry of a new born baby. Because I find the world as bitter as bile; I can’t do without it yet again, I cannot explain why it is such a poisonous gift.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life but what we give.”

I have tried my best to live in this lines but the dark side of life or rather people greedily swallows my kindness. Because every time I stretch my hand out to help, I get a terrible bee sting; sometimes I have to admit that the very people you help are the same ones who want to see you fail. It is a terrible thing to think about. The first time Anita stepped into my house, she frowned, “Why don’t you have a carpet?” were her sentiments. “You don’…

Somebody Help Me... Please... I am running mad!!!

I hear voices in my head
Am I running mad?
Strange, but last night night I dreamt that I was dead
Have I reached my end?
Is this how it feels to be going insane?
Or have I pushed myself to points of break!!!

I see visions in the night
Running and dancing filling me with fright
I am scared to close my eyes... and to turn of the lights
What do they want from me?
Is this how it feels to be going insane?
Or have I pushed myself to points of break!!!

I hear whispers when I walk
And I am drowsy when I talk
I am trying to be clean... I am even avoiding pork
I have a Bible on my desk
A rosary on my neck
Holy water by my nest
Somebody Help me... Please....
PLEASE... because.... I am running mad!!

© Namatsi Lukoye