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I am still here!!!

I have been born in a world of hardships
Since the queen bee ate the forbidden fruit, Eve
I have had nothing given to me on a silver platter
Taught that survival is only but for the fast and fittest
I have been forced to fight for everything that my heart has desired
Lost I have been in dreams and life even when skies were clear and blue
Broken I have been even when I have given my best and all
I have sank to the oceans deepest floors, hhen the beach was full of life
And drank earth’s larva in its hottest form
I have felt alone in this over populated world
And yet I am still here

All strength gone, I could only whisper
…I am still here…
I have said my prayers in times of doubt and sorrow
And only seen my pen and paper, suffer and bleed under the stress of my pain
I have been lied to, accused, abused, used, trashed and crashed
I have seen men mock me
And those who are just like me judge me
Yet over over and over again
I am still here

I wish, my dreams and prayers came true

If wishes were to be granted
I’d wish; you didn’t need that cup
I’d wish; you were braver and bolder
I’d wish; you never quit
Or had regrets

If dreams were to come true
I’d be happy to dream for us to change the way w see each other
A change in attitudes towards each other
That there are no inadequacies but ability in inabilities
That the light in us would shine more than the darkness
That you were a little bit optimistic it has such energy
That you were a little bit more grateful of the gift of now
That you welcomed life surprise each day

If all my prayers were to be answered
Then daily I would pray that no mother would have to carry her child to the streets tonight
That all would understand the strength in belief
That we believed a little bit more in love
And that we all believed in God and that only He can take us through any heat
Because without this belief then life is pointless

If wishes were to be granted
I’d wish; you hush the world and believe in your own potential
I’d wis…