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Art is a god of her own course

I started a fashion blog for my love for fashion, to express my other identity

She is a wonder
No one understands her power
Seasonal like monsoon winds... she comes with phases
Her strength undefinable
Highest form of intelligence
Men and women bow for her mercy
She rules still in silent corners and proud empires
She is the master of expression
She is art
The great orgasm and the slap of hate
she is art

© Namatsi Lukoye

Empire state of Mind???

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire State of mind
All I could imagine was being in a town where street lights inspire me
Concrete jungle…. Where dreams are made of… not broken
Mountain peaks of expectations and no pits of disappointments
Nairobi… catch me before I wake

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire state of mind
Dreaming of streets which make one feel brand new
Not ones which chase you with the stench of urine… creepy down town
Mean streets which torture even the bravest of hearts
Lined up street families that make you ask yourself
“What is wrong with humanity?”
Nairobi… walk silently I don’t want to wake

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire state of mind
Thinking of streets that show you that there is nothing you cannot do
Not ones that as you, “What have you done?”
Yet all that sweat, those papers of recommendations, those workshops certificates and paper diplomas and degrees mean nothing; If you do not know anyone

I am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society refers to me with all my other sides
A mother, a sister, a friend, career woman, and then a grandmother
And conceals the fact that I am a sexual being…
Silence screams my sexual side
Taught me that the name pussy should not be said out loud
It is an abuse… or rather a name for the weak
I am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society has forced me to be my own sexual enemy
And even to pleasure myself is seen as a sin
Haven’t we passed the decades of narrow windows of the mind
Made to think that a woman should not have sexual thoughts and desires
But isn’t having a healthy sexual appetite a natural and beautiful thing?
That should be praised and talked about as long as you are safe
Am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society makes me think that being a naughty, freaky, and sexy
Has to do with immorality, being cheap, pornographic or degrading myself
I am breaking away from chains of the conservative mind
With no shame to feel desire and to state what I want
I whet it …

Melt the snow

I met this man who questioned the way I looked
Brought me shame at my game, lamely brought my picture down its frame
And everything I did was a strike on his hedge
Shamelessly he pushed me to the edge
His words sliced deep into the flesh
Like he used the samurai’s sword
My confidence he raped… press back rewind I let him play me like a tape
And I let him hurt me

I met this woman who made me feel less
Red head she called me and placed me in her small kit, misfit she said
Keen he was to my lace underneath
Invaded my space, always stuck on my case
Her words louder than bombs left me devastated
Chemicals filling my lungs and my mind with murderous and suicidal thoughts
My confidence she raped… press back rewind I let her play me like a tape
And I let her hurt me

I met this person
Who looked back and smiled…
She looked as radiant as the morning star
Her eyes had dried up from crying
She was like a fresh breeze, like a beautiful song with beautiful words
And had such charm and personali…