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The Note

All she did was leave a note
All she did was ask a question
Why me?
Silently going crazy
All she did was weep inside…
Nobody cared about her outward tears
All she did was scar her heart
And imagine that nobody cared
So all she did was leave a note that caught our attention and change our concentration

All she did was to try too hard
Suicidal thoughts giving her brain a lap dance
All she did was think that this was the only way she could get some attention
She did; was everything wrong or so they thought
Question everything right... break rules
Create a world of hate around her cause there was no light
How could God be so cruel, unjust and unkind
She lived in a ghetto mentality… her reality and path had bold colours of poverty as its rails
So when she stumbled to the side looking for a place to lean on
All she did was stare at the stains of loneliness left on her palms by those rails
As the blisters on her feet empathized by being less pain
Spent all her time in this devils…

Project August to December

To all my fans,

Apologies for the long break without posting poems. For a long while I have been planning to do a book, but for some reason I haven't, I have always felt like one more poem then it will be ready... any way I guess things always happen for a reason. Instead of a book I have been on the journey of coming up with an album. I am so excited (I should post my experiences at the studio)

The first poem is done featuring JKD and oh my God I have never been more proud of myself. I am itching to release it but my producer suggests that its best to wait for all works to be ready.

The album will be have eight of my best pieces (some of which I have never shared), done very differently and beautifully .....

* The champ
* Breathe
* Queen
* Nothing goes unpaid
* Hold me
* Miss Cinderella
* Blackman
* Let me inspire you

Should there be a piece you feel that I should add, let me know. Hopefully I will be in a position of doing a video for two or three pieces (prayers).

I pray …

Riding Tide

Riding tide
Cover me, and scare them away
I can't breathe when the air is too fresh...
I can't cry in the sound of laughter
Or be calm... because nothing is happening...

Heaven, explain things I cannot see
Why everyone prays to you... you must be confused
Riding tide... am afraid of you not...
Hit me with the strongest wave!
I swear... no matter how strong... I will shed no tear

Riding tide!
Kill me! Not softly! fast so that I feel no pain
Because if it pain.... I have felt it in lies
In a knife plunged in my back by my own...
I think I know how Jesus felt
I think I know why he wept!

Riding tide!
The time has come! Cover me! Leave nothing of mine behind
Kill me!

© Namatsi Lukoye

I wish I could not write today

My heart is dark and fingers numb
I wish I could not write today
My brain is confused and my soul weeps
I wish I could not write today
I lack an ear it pains my spirit
But should I write today
I will not state what troubles me deep
But it will be about;
How I wish I could not write... today!!!

© Namatsi Lukoye

Where your poetry should stand

The sooner we realize that every artist was first an amateur, and then understand that there will always be someone better than you, the higher we can fly!

Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize for literature with poetry that "gives a fresh access to reality." Could we afford a dream like this?

Yes why not? ‘A truly creative person rids him or herself of all imposed limitations’ Gerald Jampolsky.

Millions of writers dream of fame and fortune or simply for their work to be taken seriously. Others however, would be grateful for the smiles and praise of their friends and loved ones. The reasons for writing are endless.

Being competent at something is a goal we all embrace and sacrifice to attain; we study, ask questions, mingle with others like us, and the list goes on. However, in my research many poets are not ready to get the top. We are so much in a competition with each other which makes our pieces dilute or a complete joke. There is a focus on…


When life billows, when am tempest tossed
I want you to be the one to catch my tears
right at the chin where they join just before they drop; with might
Is that alright?
When I am discouraged when I think that all is lost
I want to come to where you are, so I may just see you
Not that you know what to do... but seeing you confused thinking of how to help
Gives me the strength I seek
Will you be my king?

For I am done with the young girls foolishness
I surrender all those things that chained me to that box
Going against the odds, am about to walk on water
Taking what life is giving me with no regrets
As I spin this wheel of changing fortunes of time
Who would predict years to come that men would idolize themselves
No longer Apollo but in with Jay - hova,
Who would know that they would not drink wine but blood and not preach water but shame
Let the wind whisper mocks them
I know that He is jealous... but this feeling He made
There is no harm
Can I be your die hard Queen?

When I am bur…


... and surely from the safety of the angels eyes
I know that I am deeply felt
and I find peace with my soul

... and I got lost somewhere trying to compete
or rather make him see me
Dying inside because I love him more than I loves me
When he loves her more than he loves me!

... Look at her walk
'nene kowinyo nungo'
As gentle as the pettle of a rose flower
but with the strength and faith of a mustard seed
This woman is the whisper of love

... Milihoi kashuka duniani
Wakaangamiza malaika wa kweli
Sasa kilamtu kageuka shetani ni nguo twavaa za malaika
Vipi basi kwa bidii ya mwadamu mwenzangu mimi naishi kwa maumivu

... I am a Red head
people like me drown the world face down when it curses
We are true to ourselves
because we only got one life


© Namatsi Lukoye

My daddy and I

This man called my father,
How I wish that he could understand that I love him so much
That his brilliance in explaining the stupid questions I asked as a child
And the games we played; his care, his advice
Have modeled me to be the queen I am
And what a queen you have made dad!

This man called my father
How I wish he could understand that he is my hero
He who let me follow my own path and even when he was in doubts
Especially about my grades
He can only laugh with pride when he sees me shine on TV!
And what a star you have made dad!

This man called my father
How I wish he knew that I believe that he is perfect with his imperfections
I still look up to him and would run to his arms when the storm is cruel
He whose features have made me the beauty I am today
And what a beauty you brought to this world dad!

Daddy what are you?
If you are not treasure
And what a wonderful treasure, God has given me without measure!

Dr. George Lukoye Makokha you are loved by your daughter

© …

To the whore who wants my man: Get this one right

In all honesty this is the worst part of being an artist of words, a writer, you just have to put your life, hurt and secrets on paper!!! It is the greatest weakness. Anyway here is the poem

I don’t usually do this
But your confrontation and the selection of your words when you followed me pushed me
So disgusting, don’t you have class
I don’t usually do this
But when you looked at me from top to bottom comparing yourself with me

I do this
I write poetry to heal and question
I write poetry to inspire and teach
I write poetry to challenge my writing
To escape from the collapsing walls of this planet
I write poetry and stories as beautiful as she... Hera more beautiful than Aphrodite
My words as her beauty are renewed each spring... Sometimes you just have to study to get them
Woman I GOT BRAINS that you don't come close to

I do not usually do this
But your rudeness sparked the flame
I do not usually do this
But when you mocked me in public …

Dear Pen, dear paper

So far this is the best collabo I have ever done, and not because it was with my brother but I think it also the fact that words were just there! we wrote this poem in an hours time!!! no competition just trying to appreciate writing! My writing represents the kind of writer I am so does his. He is so easy to work with, and art was strongly there.... this poem does not ask for anything rather than thanks the power of words!!!

Dear Pen, dear paper
Take me to this lands planted in my brain by the images I see on TV and in pages of my magazines
Elevate me and let me feel the breeze that a prisoner feels when he walks out the walls of prison as a freeman
Bring me that joy, strong enough to seduce the pain of labour by giving the beautiful cry of a new born baby
Make me a creator of words pen, a craftsperson of verses
A pro of metrical compositions strong enough to carry feelings and illusions

Make me a king, a god of words
Make me rule in this world, I think
A sailor in this ocean of ink,

I will make it come rain come sunshine

Dear pen, take me to this lands planted in my brain by the images I have seen on TV and in magazines. Elevate me and let me feel the breeze that a prisoner feels when he walks out of the walls of prison as a freeman. Bring me that joy that seduces the pain of labour by hearing the beautiful cry of a new born baby. Because I find the world as bitter as bile; I can’t do without it yet again, I cannot explain why it is such a poisonous gift.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life but what we give.”

I have tried my best to live in this lines but the dark side of life or rather people greedily swallows my kindness. Because every time I stretch my hand out to help, I get a terrible bee sting; sometimes I have to admit that the very people you help are the same ones who want to see you fail. It is a terrible thing to think about. The first time Anita stepped into my house, she frowned, “Why don’t you have a carpet?” were her sentiments. “You don’…

Somebody Help Me... Please... I am running mad!!!

I hear voices in my head
Am I running mad?
Strange, but last night night I dreamt that I was dead
Have I reached my end?
Is this how it feels to be going insane?
Or have I pushed myself to points of break!!!

I see visions in the night
Running and dancing filling me with fright
I am scared to close my eyes... and to turn of the lights
What do they want from me?
Is this how it feels to be going insane?
Or have I pushed myself to points of break!!!

I hear whispers when I walk
And I am drowsy when I talk
I am trying to be clean... I am even avoiding pork
I have a Bible on my desk
A rosary on my neck
Holy water by my nest
Somebody Help me... Please....
PLEASE... because.... I am running mad!!

© Namatsi Lukoye

I am still here!!!

I have been born in a world of hardships
Since the queen bee ate the forbidden fruit, Eve
I have had nothing given to me on a silver platter
Taught that survival is only but for the fast and fittest
I have been forced to fight for everything that my heart has desired
Lost I have been in dreams and life even when skies were clear and blue
Broken I have been even when I have given my best and all
I have sank to the oceans deepest floors, hhen the beach was full of life
And drank earth’s larva in its hottest form
I have felt alone in this over populated world
And yet I am still here

All strength gone, I could only whisper
…I am still here…
I have said my prayers in times of doubt and sorrow
And only seen my pen and paper, suffer and bleed under the stress of my pain
I have been lied to, accused, abused, used, trashed and crashed
I have seen men mock me
And those who are just like me judge me
Yet over over and over again
I am still here

I wish, my dreams and prayers came true

If wishes were to be granted
I’d wish; you didn’t need that cup
I’d wish; you were braver and bolder
I’d wish; you never quit
Or had regrets

If dreams were to come true
I’d be happy to dream for us to change the way w see each other
A change in attitudes towards each other
That there are no inadequacies but ability in inabilities
That the light in us would shine more than the darkness
That you were a little bit optimistic it has such energy
That you were a little bit more grateful of the gift of now
That you welcomed life surprise each day

If all my prayers were to be answered
Then daily I would pray that no mother would have to carry her child to the streets tonight
That all would understand the strength in belief
That we believed a little bit more in love
And that we all believed in God and that only He can take us through any heat
Because without this belief then life is pointless

If wishes were to be granted
I’d wish; you hush the world and believe in your own potential
I’d wis…

Art is a god of her own course

I started a fashion blog for my love for fashion, to express my other identity

She is a wonder
No one understands her power
Seasonal like monsoon winds... she comes with phases
Her strength undefinable
Highest form of intelligence
Men and women bow for her mercy
She rules still in silent corners and proud empires
She is the master of expression
She is art
The great orgasm and the slap of hate
she is art

© Namatsi Lukoye

Empire state of Mind???

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire State of mind
All I could imagine was being in a town where street lights inspire me
Concrete jungle…. Where dreams are made of… not broken
Mountain peaks of expectations and no pits of disappointments
Nairobi… catch me before I wake

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire state of mind
Dreaming of streets which make one feel brand new
Not ones which chase you with the stench of urine… creepy down town
Mean streets which torture even the bravest of hearts
Lined up street families that make you ask yourself
“What is wrong with humanity?”
Nairobi… walk silently I don’t want to wake

I got carried away listening to the lyrics of the Empire state of mind
Thinking of streets that show you that there is nothing you cannot do
Not ones that as you, “What have you done?”
Yet all that sweat, those papers of recommendations, those workshops certificates and paper diplomas and degrees mean nothing; If you do not know anyone

I am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society refers to me with all my other sides
A mother, a sister, a friend, career woman, and then a grandmother
And conceals the fact that I am a sexual being…
Silence screams my sexual side
Taught me that the name pussy should not be said out loud
It is an abuse… or rather a name for the weak
I am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society has forced me to be my own sexual enemy
And even to pleasure myself is seen as a sin
Haven’t we passed the decades of narrow windows of the mind
Made to think that a woman should not have sexual thoughts and desires
But isn’t having a healthy sexual appetite a natural and beautiful thing?
That should be praised and talked about as long as you are safe
Am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society makes me think that being a naughty, freaky, and sexy
Has to do with immorality, being cheap, pornographic or degrading myself
I am breaking away from chains of the conservative mind
With no shame to feel desire and to state what I want
I whet it …

Melt the snow

I met this man who questioned the way I looked
Brought me shame at my game, lamely brought my picture down its frame
And everything I did was a strike on his hedge
Shamelessly he pushed me to the edge
His words sliced deep into the flesh
Like he used the samurai’s sword
My confidence he raped… press back rewind I let him play me like a tape
And I let him hurt me

I met this woman who made me feel less
Red head she called me and placed me in her small kit, misfit she said
Keen he was to my lace underneath
Invaded my space, always stuck on my case
Her words louder than bombs left me devastated
Chemicals filling my lungs and my mind with murderous and suicidal thoughts
My confidence she raped… press back rewind I let her play me like a tape
And I let her hurt me

I met this person
Who looked back and smiled…
She looked as radiant as the morning star
Her eyes had dried up from crying
She was like a fresh breeze, like a beautiful song with beautiful words
And had such charm and personali…