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Black Man!!! if you dare

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope this poem fulfils the purpose i wrote it for!!! (edited version)

We look at our history to gauge our future
If we erase our past stories, then we are as good as dead, we won’t make it to the next chapter
The present is only a hidden time bomb like a steaming pressure pot
Yet it is the cruel as the monster, consoling us that it is okay to take the path of great disaster
Black man, life is never a fraction it is a whole
The answer to Adams mystery is in the rib found in Eve

The desecration of mama Africa in the past, robbed her naked of her wealth by greed and lust
Her beliefs and way of thinking were considered as pagan values, that should be buried under the dust
The African concept of the Great creator was never understood, never appreciated and never put first
'They' saw no similarity between the God they preached and the African One Supreme Being
We were lost in sin, hopeless in darkness, no education, no chance of getting ahead
They colonized our lands and we gave them our minds… and forgot that we had a God
Who was king, omnipotent, and omniscient, the great judge, compassionate, holy and invincible?
We invited new chains of mental slavery, without really understanding who we were

The question of death and what it meant to mama Africa
To grieve the loss of one stone of the Maika
The connection of the tears and hairs shed, the burying of kings in tombs with gold
The natural dying process that gave one time to make peace, say farewell to friends and relatives
And the celebration that the departed soul is now free to connect with the maker
Is now seen as primitive, by the same black man who forefathers believed in it

The social organization, unity in communism
Was greatly discouraged as it brought no development to 'him'
We adopted capitalism based on individualism
With a whole scene of pretense
And everyone rushing for the defense
Now, we are too individual, crying for individual liberties and self greedy
That in the same country where a child is put to the grave because of hunger
A leader is pregnant with power
And we build roads and buildings to improve the infrastructure
As a mother feeds her baby her urine for lack of water
We live only for today, and die all the years after
It is a curse catching up with us, ever faster

Black man!!! forget not that your skin is black!

© Namatsi Lukoye

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© Namatsi Lukoye


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