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The dare game!!! on the 17tg of September

Coming Together to Dare you to save a life!!!


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Here's what some of us have been asking;
"Is Turkana part of a country where the leaders refuse to pay taxes?" Joshua, 22
"How can I help?" Bella, 11
"I hate seeing children dying because of hunger, let us collect newspapers raise funds and help." Margaret, 26

Indeed let us come together to help our brothers and sisters. Highlighting a project started by two friends who are collecting old newspapers to help their country. I urge you to join our cause and help to collect old newspapers which will be sold and the proceeds go towards The Kenya Red Cross for the Kenyans for Kenya Initiative. We invite you to donate old newspapers from your organization or individually towards this ini…

What's my name

Oh na na what’s my name?
Oh na na what’s my name
Oh na na let me scream your name
And baby, do the same but have no shame
Let me flow placidly down on you as we play this game
Hold me tighter, I am yours so, let us yearn for fame
Let us get lost in the flame we blaze

Oh na na what’s my name
Oh na na what’s my name
Oh na na let me scream your name
And baby do the same… ignore all vexations let them call us lame
We are not striving for heroism, let’s hide behind the crane
So let yours, fingers draw the outline of my shape
Lose me in yours, strength as you skillfully craft me
Swing me around in all ways and let’s land on ours, words
Tired of slow, lets ride faster
Now you know am your junkie because I am addicted
So hold me in that thrall… let me flourish… live and die there
Tired of this… pirate, let’s maneuver into new waters
Am tired of circles with their sham, but wholesomely introduce me to new
Take me there, on the pyramid where I can connect with the stars
You and I, we are absces…


I finally get it
As soon as I opened the door
The screams I heard
Everyone running to me, glad to see me!
Namatsi is home!I got it! Pap!

I finally understood this beautiful feeling
That once I may have taken for granted
This feeling my heart warmed up to, how blind could I have been
I felt important for once in this world of rush
I could not believe it, it is like I had some powers
They ran to me with hugs and kisses
Picked up my bags and calmed my bruises

Now I understood why they say east to west home is best
I never told them of the world
I never mentioned that the world had crushed me
I never told them of the mistreatment
They never cared about how much I made
I never told them that, really...
Out there I was a speck of dust
That was stepped on by every shoe from God knows where
I never told them that I was a misfit to the world, a nobody
But somehow in here... I was noticed
This must be love in its purest element
Now I am glad that to have this small world
I am glad to be …

The witch of Eye (edited)

There is a woman down this hill
Evil and beastly
Atapaa popote kukuweka majani
Uchawi ameulewa ni wake usanii

There is a woman down this hill
Everyone fears
Mapenzi alikwara yuko peke yake
Usifikiri rafiki… wivu ndio wake

There is a woman down this hill
Hana panga, macho ndio silaha
Watoto awatupa kaburini, wazazi hofu awajaza

There is a woman down this hill
Hamwogopi Allah!
Bibilia haimtishi, aibeba mwenyewe!

There is a woman down this hill
Karibu na makaburini
Atakutoa nduki, urafiki hatamani

© Namatsi Lukoye