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I pray for hope

I pray for mothers and fathers
I pray for their prayers and dreams in their children
I pray for the spirit of the child
I pray for hope

© Namatsi Lukoye

I don't want to be woman today

Swimming in the sand pit of the hour glass of life
The stream of sand is getting narrow
Today I want to be a sparrow
I want to fly without being noticed to skies of tomorrow
For some reason today I have so much sorrow
Yet I can’t point what kind of chisel is chipping into my heart of steal

I don’t want to be woman today
I don’t want to love with all my heart
I cry like a child when broken
I don’t want to be friend; let me be; my heart is weary

I don’t want to be woman today
My own body betrays me
Once every month it creates its own stormy skies and I cry for no reason
I don’t want to be anyone’s pillar; let me be; my soul is dry

I don’t want to be woman today
I hate this point right here! I love you yes,
But I don’t want to hold your hand
I don’t want to be anyone’s lover; let me be; my spirit wants to sleep

I don’t want to be woman today
I want to be free of razors!
I want to love all the hairs on my body; on my legs and the two on my chin
I don’t want to be great; not even close…

I am uneven

As per my previously confessed inspiration...

I am Uneven

I am drowning in the air of self defeatism
Lost in the forest of a cocktailed criticism
I have been forged into cynicism
Because I feel that we have touched the heart of ugly capitalism
My feet are tired, blistered from dragging on pretense communism
My spirits swims in the waters of doubt
And; tears of my heart gracefully meander down
Life will always have its amazing race

This feeling got me floating on wings of broken dreams
My soul is haunted by future ghosts screams
My pride is fed on untested lies-cream
My ears ache from stories of troubles worse
My heart curses the dreams laid in high pitched hearses
As; tears of my heart gracefully meander down
I tuck my face in my underneath lace
Life will always have its amazing maze

© Namatsi Lukoye

It is complicated

Twisted... locked in... blinded
Into the mind of a slave

I know it’s over
But I wish it wasn’t
I know that I need to move on
But I insist
I know, I see, I feel the hurt right to my soul
But I pardon
I believe he will change
It is complicated

I know you did that
But I cover up mistakes
I ignore the pain
I hate the truth
Funny thing is… it only hurts when my heart beats
I feel dead, but, the pain makes me feel alive
It is complicated

© Namatsi Lukoye

The loyalty Pledge (Kenya)

I pledge my loyalty to the President
and Nation of Kenya
My readiness and duty
to defend the flag of our Republic
My life, strength and service
in the task of nation building
In the living spirit embodied
in our National motto 'Harambee'

and perpetuated in the
Nyayo philosophy
of Peace, Love and Unity.

Thinking Moi’s dictatorship!
As children we had to make the pledge!
In our rags!
With no shoes on!
Bribed with milk (maziwa ya nyayo for staying so loyal)
We recited the words out loud
Religiously we recited at the school assembly
Attention we stood when recited or else we would face the wrath of the cane!

© Namatsi Lukoye

I AM UNEVEN by Kevin Orato

Out here alone in the shifting specks of dark
Still as an undertaker, icy winds against my cheeks
Drawing heavily from a cigarette
That palliative for my troubled brain
As the rolling mist now at it’s thickest
Gathers as shadows at a deathbed

Steeling myself as if for some memorable heroic act
Twinning my fingers amidst moments of irresolution
Hoping for a redeeming miracle while transfixed with indecision
The momentum supposed to inspire suddenly evaporated!
And like one who’s had a disheartening premonition
Of a spirit-crushing defeat looming, I anticipate the worst
Waiting for some inevitable collapse…

I’ve wrestled with troubled dreams
Yet my illusions remain intact
And despite being close to tipping point often
I’m still a fool of my own sentiment
Seduced by vanity and as if thrilled by the regret
That follows failure; I risk my desperately delicate self
No severe change of heart from prior miserable experience

A rising panic of frustration grips me now
An incredible urge to cry …