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How do you do that?

I really wanted to write you a poem
To write a poem about you
About what you do and how you make me feel
Your eyes when they are staring at me
Your smile when it is all mine
Your arms when they hold me tight
Your lips when they touch my skin
Your fingertips when they torture me
Your words and the way you calm me
Your ways of turning me weak and wild
How do you do that?

I really tried to write all this in a poem
Found it so hard to put it in words
You are the poem!
You are my poem!
You got me wishing for a little me who looks like you too!
That would put music into the poem!
How do you do that?

© Namatsi Lukoye

The cry of the Ocampo 1300

No retreat!!! No surrender
The Ocampo 1300 have to be remembered
Or these drumbeats will never stop

Ilete Baraka kwetu
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi
Natukae na udugu
Amani na Uhuru Raha tupate na utawi

I feel war close by
Something ugly is close by
I can hear the chants from a distance
A cry for human blood from the horizon
I see…. Turmoil ahead…. A great hurricane coming our way
To blow up the dust we swept under the rag!
I can smell the disgusting stench of revenge like ammonia filling the air
Closer, closer, closer it is approaching
Bring us bring us justice!!! We cry

See the 363rd night of the year 2007
I was the demon in humanity
I saw blood painting the streets red and raw in pure and cold insanity
On the 364rd night of the year 2007
I slept with my mother because I was scared
I held her tight shaking like a leaf
We lay silent waiting for the sound of death

On the 365th night of the year 2007
While the world celebrated the birth of a new year
We cried
No fireworks but loud gunshots

Death! I am not afraid!!!!

I totally don't know what was the inspiration of this poem! Its a strange piece and no I don't want to die soon!

I am not afraid of death
But am afraid of living long and losing the meaning of living
Am not afraid of death
But am afraid of laying on a death bed wanting and waiting to die
The process scares me!
I am not afraid of death
But am afraid of passing on; with feelings unsaid; then wish for one more day to say them…
Which will only leave me wishing for one more days
I am not afraid of death
I am afraid of a mere feeling of existence, living without a purpose
I am afraid of getting lost in the air like I never existed!
Am afraid of dying poor but dying and in pain…
Am not afraid of death at all

© Namatsi Lukoye