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Whose mercy are we at?

I wrote this poem a while ago! It is about humaninty today; so hard to trust people. The poem has a mix of both swahili and English, as they came to me. I can say that it is a personal poem because I went through some of the things in the poem!

I used to believe that I could trust someone with my life
Till, I was laid on the operation table and the surgeon
Merely played around with the blades, the forceps and my life
Strapped me on the hardest bed and took me through the most pain I have ever felt in my life
Woke up in dire pain, feeling all alone and still with the same growth I went to remove
Wakumuamini ni nani? How can I trust anyone with my life
Twatafuta nini? Twatoshelezwa na nini?
I used to believe in love surpassing death into eternity
Now I know that true love doesn’t last long
I used to think that we could love our neighbours almost as much as love ourselves
Until the new world order came in!

I used to believe in education
Till I sat at home, jobless for years and years, feeling wasted
I used to believe that the glass was always half full
Till I realized that only those with full cups overflow
I used to believe in people, that I could rely on someone, and trust someone
Lakini dunia ikanifunza vingine
Bidii ya wanadamu ni kuamiza nia za wengine
Wanadamu kapata mioyo ya milihoi
Mashetani wakawazika malaika katika kaburini sahau
Usishangae dunia ya sasa… ni mchezo wa kuigiza
Mchezo mbaya wa kuliza
Rafiki si rafiki… kwa muda labda awinda
Punde ugeukapo tu! Kisu akutia mgongoni
Ya musa yasikushangaze! Ya firauni yameingia!
Dunia imezama kwa chuki
Si, dunia ina mambo
Vikulacho kila secta ya mtambo
Utamwamini nani! Ukistaajabu ya musa! Utaaga ukiyaona ya Firauni
Kwani wanadamu wamegeuka fisi
Dunia ya leo imezama katika hirizi
Malaika kageuka milihoi
Chungu kwani, ukitazama moyoni
Heri wanyama wa pori,
Kwani, watakuangamiza bila kujifanya rafiki
Si, dunia ina mambo
Vikulacho kila secta ya mtambo
Utamwamini nani!

Nilikuwa mtu wa dini
Kabeba bibilia nikitafsiria dunia
Na kila jumapili, nilimtazama Mungu tu
Kahubiri tusameheane mara 70x7
Hadi nilipoona nchi yangu ikiaga kwa moto
Watu wangu kageuka majitu! Maneno kawa visu
Kweli, sasa tunatembea, kupitana, kucheka na wauwaji
Makini wanangoja nafasi ya pili, ya tatu, ya mia, ya elfu kutenda tena !

© Namatsi Lukoye

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I pledge my loyalty to the President
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© Namatsi Lukoye


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© Namatsi Lukoye