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Nairobi love!!!!

I don't know exactly what feelings I have for this month!!! I am just writing; actually so many things are going on in my life plus in my head and really I think I should take a break, I call myself a walking zombie!

I have been dreaming of jump out from this noisy life, laying naked and alone in my house, having some ice cream and maybe watching an animation warm movie. But that is not Nairobi life! Is it? We are so busy searching, for answers, for money, for love, for death, for lies and for the truth. We dived into the pits of man eat man society and live like animals: Survival for the fittest in my Nairobi!

Namatsi where do you come from?
I come from Nairobi,

Where I Still I see the sky light of the city
I see the loud scream of hardworking Kenyans in somewhat unity
I see the silenced voices of crime
I see a flame burning, sweat dripping, people toiling trying to make it in little time

I feel the flapping wings of eagles aiming high
I see feet stepping on others to get ahead with no sigh
I feel the spirit of the lion on our coins in heart
What we call great passion for money want
Problem with my Nairobi
I see birth and death of fashion, confuse me love with your weather seasons

In my mind I see the cool waters talked about in history books; but no water from my tap today
I see children begging in streets not sitting on mums lap
Yet again I see the green park, stripped for, enjoying the laughter’s of it children
The air is pregnant with hopes and dreams, expectations and potentials
The value of a shilling

I see silent heroes and heroines
Winners and failures
Pride and humility
I see lies and pretenses
I see love growing and love drying up

I see drunkards celebrating life to the fullest
I see Gor mahia fans... Painting the town green!
I see Nairobi! Disgusting traffic trains
Yet I see the new roads! And a new face of the Nairobi

And after all this am in love with my Nairobi

© Namatsi Lukoye

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