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This is how I know that we are the best of friends

To my dear sister Emma,
And my best friends Maggy, Annie, Gorret, Cynthia, Linda, Penny and Anne
As we celebrate our friendship.............
Here is one piece just for you.........................

I will not say that you are always there
I understand that you have commitments too
I understand distance and I understand costs

I will not say that you always understands me
I am a complicated artistic woman sometimes I don't even understand me
I know that I could be bitchy and a drama queen and the best thing is to just be silent

I will not say that you always cry when I cry
The story may not be that catchy
Tears may fail you or you are just hardcore like that
I will not say that I always take your advise
Well sometimes I think you are crazy or the advise is just unwise
And sometimes your advise lands me into trouble

But this is how I know that we are friends
You really stand in the GAP for me
And you pray for my strength
You check up on me and even when you don't have anything to…

Nairobi love!!!!

I don't know exactly what feelings I have for this month!!! I am just writing; actually so many things are going on in my life plus in my head and really I think I should take a break, I call myself a walking zombie!

I have been dreaming of jump out from this noisy life, laying naked and alone in my house, having some ice cream and maybe watching an animation warm movie. But that is not Nairobi life! Is it? We are so busy searching, for answers, for money, for love, for death, for lies and for the truth. We dived into the pits of man eat man society and live like animals: Survival for the fittest in my Nairobi!

Namatsi where do you come from?
I come from Nairobi,

Where I Still I see the sky light of the city
I see the loud scream of hardworking Kenyans in somewhat unity
I see the silenced voices of crime
I see a flame burning, sweat dripping, people toiling trying to make it in little time

I feel the flapping wings of eagles aiming high
I see feet stepping on others to get ahead wi…

What I see

They call me a pessimist, I don't argue I know I am a cynic

I used to believe in things, Now, well I have no reason to

I am not a critic either, there is not point pointing out issues the world agrees to cover

But I am a poet and a poet on a mission to speak out what I see

© Namatsi Lukoye

A thank you to life?

It is amazing how things work out!!!!

I don't have a lot... but everything i have now I once hoped for

I am not really friendly... but every encounter I make with another human, I make sacred

I am not religious... but I agree that without God, so many things just don't make sense

So all in all I am thankful

© Namatsi Lukoye

Whose mercy are we at?

I wrote this poem a while ago! It is about humaninty today; so hard to trust people. The poem has a mix of both swahili and English, as they came to me. I can say that it is a personal poem because I went through some of the things in the poem!

I used to believe that I could trust someone with my life
Till, I was laid on the operation table and the surgeon
Merely played around with the blades, the forceps and my life
Strapped me on the hardest bed and took me through the most pain I have ever felt in my life
Woke up in dire pain, feeling all alone and still with the same growth I went to remove
Wakumuamini ni nani? How can I trust anyone with my life
Twatafuta nini? Twatoshelezwa na nini?
I used to believe in love surpassing death into eternity
Now I know that true love doesn’t last long
I used to think that we could love our neighbours almost as much as love ourselves
Until the new world order came in!

I used to believe in education
Till I sat at home, jobless for years and years, fe…


I recently started interning for ART2be and happy to work with GALCK. I am having a time of my life surrounded by visual art at KUONA Trust; at the same time, I am editing some of the life stories of the gay community and I have to say they are quite moving. I read this touching story of a girl who had to go through so much when her family found out that she was gay; so I decided to be her for a moment and let my emotions out. She however noted that it was worse for guys... so expect another piece coming.........

Repent from your evil ways
The pastor shouted on the brightest Sunday
Turn away from your gayness
It makes you somehow, less
You were conceived by a man and a woman
No reason for that fake, soul tan
Repent! Repent!

It’s stupid how I live, like someone am not and they love me for it
Gay, they hate me for it, mad at me really pissed off
Previously really got me shedding tears, not I just say, go ahead hate have a nice time
Living in a pile of hate! Rolling like food in the int…

Mpendwa Rais

Raisi wangu mpendwa
Milihoi kashuka duniani
Wakaangamiza watakatifu wa kweli
Sasa kila mtu amegeuka shetani ni nguo ya malaika
Maajabu ya firauni sio?
Vipi tukakosa kama tunavyo vyote
Vipi tukafa njaa kaskazini ilhali kusini kwa ng’aa kibichi
Vipi tukawa maskini katika nchi tajiri
Vipi tukakosa maji katika mafuriko
Vipi wengine wakosa madawa ilhali wengine wachagua magari
Vipi kutasoma hadi kileo na kushindwa kuvuna jasho letu
Vipi Rais?

Langu ni kuwaza kama kweli wa tazama taarifa ya habari
Wachanana siasa tazama maisha ya panzi kama mimi
Itakuwa vipi ulale vyema sisi tukiishi kama majitu
Rais vipi maisha kawa magumu na shilingi kawa ngumu kupata
Wengine wakisinzia juu ya shilingi elfu tano kwa siku huko parliament
Vipi biashara yangu ndogo kashambuliwa kila siku
Ilhali wezi wa mali ya serikali wazama katika utajiri wa nchi nzima
Vipi kamiti kajaa na wezi wa vitu vidogo ilhali
Na wanao amri mauaji ya mamia ya watu katembea vifua mbele
Vipi ukawacha vijana wakae bila kazi… ilhali …

I can do this

Tell you what I am gonna do
Like an eagle soaring high
I am gonna spread my wings and fly
Let the doubts inspire me
Let my dreams elevate me
My work give me be the sign of a victory ahead
Grab it and rule the sky
Let every beat of the heart… turn to the tune and rhythm to achieve this greatness
No turning back! Never to see my prints again
Carry my history with me, have a story to tell
At the end of the day, at the bonfire
A story of once upon a time I was…
But now, I unify my spirit, soul, heart, mind and body
See all of me achieve whatever I was created to achieve
Yes, be a realist, it is still a cursed world
Full of sham and drudgery… desiderata
Tricks, competitions and disappointments
But I will not let them break me down
I was created to achieve this

© Namatsi Lukoye