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Sometimes I ask myself...

I love to think that I am an artist
That when I hold pen and paper I can draw something so deep and pure
That when I play with the paint on canvas, people get it
That when I stand in front of my audience... I am me, Namatsi Lukoye...
Granddaughter of one Surusuru Bhulolo
That when I touch the keys of my laptop I can write something that can move hearts

I love to think that I am an artist
A greater being on her way to realize her true potential
And what is this potential... and how do I measure it
Do I compare me with the what others like me have achieved?
Or do I compare me with what I know I can achieve?
Because when I look around I know
That there will always be those with less and those with more

I love to think that I am an artist
And Everything I do.... I want to do like an artist
I want to touch like a potter...
I want to speak like a poet...
I want to sing like an angel...
Dance feel the music and move in its beat

I want to live like an artist
Find my soul food and peace deep …

No sugar, no sugar coat

It had become in me
To love the dislocation of the truth
And find beauty in the unreal
Sometimes it is the way of the world, I thought
Well, I have lived an interesting life
Sometime I was blessed in the morning and cursed before the sun kissed the earth goodnight
Yeah I admit that it was worth:
I dipped my finger in bee hive long enough to feel and taste the bitter bite
Long enough to touch and taste the sensuous sweetest
No sugar, sugar coat

Then I met someone
Who took me so high and made me so wild
This someone whose hair was nowhere close to Samson
No sugar, no sugar coat
But he could make me weak and strong and at the same time made me feel safe
This someone whose pockets were not as deep as Bill Gates,
No sugar, no sugar coat what we had was more than enough

Oh yes, I met someone
Whose looks threw him on the opposite side of Imram Abbas ,
But became the apple of my eye
Nothing like Jonah he did not hide in the boat,
All he did was keep me wet while the waves rocked our boa…

The cruelty of the times (True story)

Friday 8th October 2010
I saw a woman today walking around town her eyes as red as my daily beetroot juice
I saw a woman today…. Her cheeks still bearing the marks of her dry tears
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

She walked along the pavements of the city
In the scotching sun of the day, in only a bra and a small piece of cloth to cover her privates
Her face filled with so much pain…
Her feet protected by the dust of the plane
Her back tired from the weight of the baby
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

Her hand did not hold a cup, she needed no shilling
Funny the distances people kept when she passed them
This part right here, I hated the people we had turned into
All because of the cruelty of the times!!!
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

© Namatsi Lukoye

Tears of a helpless mama

Every single day I sit next to my baby’s bed
And I watch her slowly die
The doctor told me she may put on a fight but the disease is way too strong
The pain is prolonged and the situation for my little one is just wrong
His pain comes through me and all I do is cry
Am past the stage of, she needs not to see me cry
I think she need to know that I cry for her!
This is the only way I can help her!
Hoping that she knows if I could I would make each tear
Drown it all this mayhem in a storm
Take her from everything she sees and feels
To a place of our own form
The nature is so green
The waters are blue
Where stars sing songs
And the sun is smile at the moon
Pain gone and silence golden
But I am in hells prison, a terrible disease of helplessness
Watching her in pain
Nothing is right and this feeling is nothing but cruel

My baby turns to me… lifts her hand ignoring the pain from the drip
And smiles...
That smile… like a star going twinkle, is treasure to me in this bitter world
I caress h…

Dearest Friend

Dear sister you are like one of my ankles
Without which I am a cripple
You will cross the wildest ocean to save me from the sharks
You will sit by my side in a hospital bed
You will cry when the world casts me out
I know that you feel me in a way that word cannot describe
You are my forever friend

I know that we are so different,
But I couldn’t think of a better person to call when I am in need
Couldn’t think of a better person to tell me how my boobs look different now and then...
or to ask me, 'why are you smiling! are you in love?'
Laugh till we cry... or cry till we laugh
Couldn’t think of a better person to count my wrinkles
Start arguing about who looks older than who...
Blood it thicker than water… but this bond we share
Is like oil! Reduces friction, makes things glow and work better… and you know
Oil is thicker than blood
I hope the good Lord
allows us to be friends forever

© Namatsi Lukoy

Needless Pain

No pain no gain
But this train I am riding is way too long for a refrain
The rain I see from my window pane
Is too plain, filling me with needless pain
I don’t want to seem lame
But change seems to be an animal so tough to tame
In a world dying slowly
Time running quickly
Ties of lies
And the bonds of sins
Kweli mboni ichafukapo jicho huwa mashakani
I wonder is mine a dream or is my brain twisted in this mayhem

Sleepless nights and burnt out candle lights
Sights are now filled with fights and backbites
Horizons which gave birth to great sites are now no longer bright
Flight! Still I wonder if I do, will anything turn out alright.
They say the world is a beautiful place
Hush me because all I do is weep
I think nature is deep the world is too shallow and we need to be deep
So please… Give me some space... give me something that makes sense
And in the face of my aridity, rain me some peace
Because all these pretenses and broken dreams that give me a chase
Need to be placed at the alt…

January Poetry

As we turn on to a new year and aim to touch the stars... I felt one fall from the sky from all the pain that I feel needless came through me again and again. Enjoy my January Poetry and later Hisia Zangu Open Mic Poetry round 4.

© Namatsi Lukoye