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Paper Love (the reply)

You know, I know, we know
So you say,
That if I can't love you now
You dont want me loving you later
When your later is much greater...
It only proves that I love the paper! more Paper!

So what am I to do when the paper love is so strong
Sit around and wait for you to get your own
I got to eat now, you know
Paper love is too strong it got all of us on the street looking
We are all chasing it so what is wrong with my way?
I dont steal, I dont kill, I dont step on anyone
I just smile.... and smile well
Loving you is the definition of love is blind
And you know the world today is blind to two things love and paper!
Somehow we blindly flow into paper loving

You say,
If I love you later
It only proves that I love the paper
But dont we all love this blander
You call me a gold-digger
call yourself a hustler
Haha! Player please! We are in the same game
Only a different league and I am the best striker in my team
Money chasing! Money loving! Money getting
The difference between you and me is that
I know how to get it by just smiling
While you have to toil in soil
Sorry... blame the world

You say,
that I am stability and can't believe I can stoop so low
I wonder how you can be shallow in a world so hollow
I am the lightning in thunder baby!
I can make a man break apart!
This part you shouldn't blame me!
Blame Eve!... she started all this mix up!
Well about loving you later
I want you to know that I have a later too
And I envision it to be greater too
And if you can't love me now....
Well baby I know that later you will grow to be my hater

© Namatsi Lukoye


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The loyalty Pledge (Kenya)

I pledge my loyalty to the President
and Nation of Kenya
My readiness and duty
to defend the flag of our Republic
My life, strength and service
in the task of nation building
In the living spirit embodied
in our National motto 'Harambee'

and perpetuated in the
Nyayo philosophy
of Peace, Love and Unity.

Thinking Moi’s dictatorship!
As children we had to make the pledge!
In our rags!
With no shoes on!
Bribed with milk (maziwa ya nyayo for staying so loyal)
We recited the words out loud
Religiously we recited at the school assembly
Attention we stood when recited or else we would face the wrath of the cane!

© Namatsi Lukoye

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