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Do me like Nancy did!

Do me like Nancy did!
Amid the noise and haste of the day
Hold me so tender so gentle as if I was flimsy
As if I was a new born baby
Look into my eyes and don’t be afraid to be silly
Let go be kinky and witty
Do me like Nancy did!

Do me like Nancy did
Let’s get lost in the sickest thoughts of our lusts
Explore! Explore! Explore like Sir John Hawkins
Mine some gold in the wells on my secrets
And surrender to the truthfulness of our uniqueness
Do me like Nancy did!

Do me like Nancy did
Not scared but ever bold and hard just like Rihanna
Dance with me like we did at Harvana
As the music fell on our ears like manna
Rock! Rock! Rock with me like the waves of the fresh water Lake Victoria
Do me like Nancy did!

Do me like Nancy did
Give me the world in its artistic form
As we bask in our morning after custom
Let’s create! Let us innovate! Oh let us form art!
With pen and paper
With clay and water
With lens and shutter
Let us play with the curves and faults on our body structure
Do me just…

TGW!!!! Introducing Luki

And the sins of the fathers
Shall rest upon the heads of the sons!

Times gone bad
Leaving my heart grieved my soul crashed and my spirit sad
So bad is now the destination of my time
Time which I am no longer the station
Which is no longer really mine?

Yes things gone wrong
Emotional pain prolonged
Truth is now secret… swept under the rag
As the hate and lies nag, really
Left, right, center, front, back and center
Whatever happened to the true messenger?

Times gone wild, untamed, undomesticated
Really out of its mind, as it waits for no man
For me it hasn’t been kind
Stained with hate and dirtied with lies
Times gone dark granting blindness to ma eyes

Nyakati za utata
Usawa wa ubaya
Uhaba wa mioyo safi
Majitu tumegeuka
Misitu tumegeuza kwetu
Yetu nikutoridhika na chochote kile
Things going wrong!!!

Yes when well we know
Maybe time will tell even fate and destiny submit to time as well
If time is money then it has answered our poverty
Because ti…

The Cruelty of the Times

Friday 8th October
I saw a woman today walking around town her eyes as red as my daily beetroot juice
I saw a woman today…. Her cheeks still bearing the marks of her dry tears
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

She walked along the pavements of the city
In the scotching sun of the day, in only a bra and a small piece of cloth to cover her privates
Her face filled with so much pain…
Her feet protected by the dust of the plane
Her back tired from the weight of the baby
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

Her hand did not hold a cup, she needed no shilling
Funny the distances people kept when she passed them
This part right here, I hated the people we had turned into
All because of the cruelty of the times!!!
I saw this woman on University Way and I wanted to cry

The Voice of the MONSTER

The world is a junkie to foolish drama now
Making everyone give a blind eye to this trauma now
Me!! Whirling round like a hurricane!!
How dare you forget me?

No meditation to what is happening to hers
Breasts and nipples!
Seducing the enemy, perhaps an enemy too close
So I ask, how dare you play with me like that?

I am somewhere hidden in a lump
Like the Greek soldiers in the Trojan horse
When the Trojans least expect it, but from their own mistakes
So I ask, how dare you accuse me?

I am a warrior... like the great Achilles
I have the power to make you cry for me
Waste for me... rebuke me in The Almighty's name
Damn I can make you die for me!
So who would dare face me!!

Yes I admit I have seen great warriors face me
Put on a great fight and face me
The Davids, the Paris, The Mau Maus
I just wonder how many more are ready
Till then I ask
Who is brave enough to say my name?