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The Sound of my silence!!!

If my silence could express itself to you
Then it would whisper some sort of break through
Death to the times of sitting at the window and trying to revive a dead shadow
Death to the hopes and dreams of our better tomorrow
Death to our kind of love

The sound of silence would cry
Mapenzi ya kweli kama ya maji mazuri ya ziwa la mesopotamia ni hadithi tu
Oungo mkubwa!
Nimekubali mwiba kuishi moyoni
Nikama nimetumbukizwa katika dibwi la simanzi
Dibwi la giza totoro... njia ndefu isiyo na mwisho,
Nimechoka! Nimechoka na kutamani

Ulichonifunza mwalimu siku zile za jadi;
Sikuzile zetu
Mbona wewe mwenyewe kasahau?
The sound of my silence would ask you
Je ni kweli kuwa moyo wako ulitekwa nyara na kuekewa dawa
Mbona naona ni kama mimi na wewe tunaishi katika ndoto mbaya
Ndoto inayonifanya ni tiririkwe na machozi bila haya
Inayonifanya ni hisi uchungu ule ule mbaya kama wa mama kupoteza mwana
Nimeona niwache kung’oja

Haifai! For the broken curve to be a comfort
Kwa mtu yeyote kuloa kiasi hichi cha dhiki, shida na teso
Kwa msichana kama mimi kuwa kipofu from your glowing reflection
Molded in the hearts of men and women
Only seeing them turning into you
Au labda ni kweli?
Sote ni sawa ni sura tofauti
Nikama nimekwama mahali; siwezi kusonga mbele wala kurudi nyuma
Nisukume!! Kwa maneno
The sound of my silence would tell you that
I wish I could rewind our earlier memories that were captured, frozen and framed
In so called pictures
Hii najua itabaki kuwa ndoto
Chungu lakini najua kuwa tumejichaagulia njia mbaya ya kupitia

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The loyalty Pledge (Kenya)

I pledge my loyalty to the President
and Nation of Kenya
My readiness and duty
to defend the flag of our Republic
My life, strength and service
in the task of nation building
In the living spirit embodied
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and perpetuated in the
Nyayo philosophy
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Thinking Moi’s dictatorship!
As children we had to make the pledge!
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© Namatsi Lukoye


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© Namatsi Lukoye