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The power of the sun

How I wish that you would see your reflection in my eyes
And the image my brain forms of you
Then probably you would understand why I call you my magic light
Or why I love you with the power of the sun
Your smiles, gentle touch heal whatever burden is on the way
Since you truly exist, I believe in something
Miracles happen
God exists
You have magic at your finger tips
And that I love you with the power of the sun

The girl next door

I have been sick for a while now
She makes me feel like an old shoe
Tired is how I feel
I can no longer hide it
All my actions are now giving me away
Revealing this screaming aching feeling
The way I look at her
Hold her in my arms
Stroke her hair
Rub her back
Give myself away so easily
When I see her smile
I am a different woman!

So how do I change things?
With her homophobic nature
To her I am nothing else but a friend
This girl next door

I am afraid
I am confused
And mostly I don’t know what to do
Or what I would say
Sometimes words came up my throat so fast
So bad they made me sick, I feel like throwing them up
But when I think about our friendship
I zip it and accept the pain
It feels like walking on fragments of broken glass
I am afraid of breaking her heart so I let her tear mine
This girl next door

How do I go on like this?
How do I explain the fact that in this whole wide world
She is all that I need
So how do I convince her that I can be all that she wants?
This girl n…