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loving him wrong

She just mentioned his name
and my mouth formed a smile
I heard his voice from the corridor
and my heart skipped a beat
As his cologne diffused into the air

I thought I heard the fugees sing
'killing me softly'
I was sure I was falling... falling...
stops.. and halos.. as he greeted everyone in the hall way
footsteps again
Oh this man
I think I am in love

So I pretend to be thoroughly busy
Concentrate so hard on the screen and keyboard
Take a paper and scribble this and that
Here and there
Telling myself…. Wait…. Breath….. Breath 

He gets to my work station
Lifts his eyebrow
Again am falling falling and falling into an unknown
He reach’s for my cheeks and gently leaves a kiss
on the right
the left and the right again

And I foolishly think the right side must be lucky
Professionally he says
Don’t forget our business lunch today
I smile………. I nod
Usual time usual place I say
I smile and return to my busy look
All the while I know that I love him wrong