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I close my eyes
and see delight
you and I
in dim light
so tight
yet so right
in love not lust
that's all I want
It's all I need
It's all I will take
All I will give
It's all I think
It's all I breathe
and my subconcious mind
reminds me of this
each night
in dreams
so tonight
I see delight


I heard from someone that you cried out last night
that the pain had weighed you down
and the only way you could express it
was through tears

so I came to check on you
and hold your hand
and somehow let you know


every time the sun shuts down
and the moon hides and stars refuse to twinkle
every time everything seems to be going wrong
when you are not sure you can go on

I am standing in the gap for you
praying for your strength
I could probably do so little
to take it all away
But it is good to know


If I could
I would
take you from everything you see and feel
to a place like so
nature so green
waters so blue
sun so beautiful
somewhere whose beauty
is deeper than the visual
just you and I


in loving memory of Sayana(2000-2009)