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The power of you

its true
that life is one big lesson
you learn to have
an not to have
you even want to have without knowing what you really want
you learn to walk
to run
you drive
and then you get to fly
those who can glide and soar and visit the moon
the human mind suprises me at times

i have read about men and women
who have done extra odinary things
people who sat down and came up with elecricity
people who formed words and gave meaning to them
people who own half the earth
such kind of people and many more

the biggest lesson i have learnt in life
is the power of the you not the secret
i read the book
and no i dont agree with everything in it
i dont really attract everything i want
if i were to coil it i would call it the power of you

See i am not all that of an achiever
i havent driven a car yet
leave alone sit in a plane
so many things i havent done
But the power of the individual amazes me at times
what i have today
i hoped for once
the power of the secret'?
some of it i did not even dare envision i would have
it just came
see, most of the times i really think about something (attracting)
it ends up not coming
it repels
like when you are from an exam room and you are so sure its an A
and no its not even a C!
like when you think you'll live till 70 and you get a crippling accident
and you start wishing you'd die
see so many thing land in our way
without you attracting them

That is why there is religion
the comfort of the masses
to explain some happenings
I believe in God's answers
and suprise!

yeah suprise!
you didn't see that coming!
however everything does happen for a reason
God is too wise to be mistaken!
Neither is he too good to be unkind

so no secrets
just you
and Allah
thats the power of you to suprise you

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