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The power of you

its true
that life is one big lesson
you learn to have
an not to have
you even want to have without knowing what you really want
you learn to walk
to run
you drive
and then you get to fly
those who can glide and soar and visit the moon
the human mind suprises me at times

i have read about men and women
who have done extra odinary things
people who sat down and came up with elecricity
people who formed words and gave meaning to them
people who own half the earth
such kind of people and many more

the biggest lesson i have learnt in life
is the power of the you not the secret
i read the book
and no i dont agree with everything in it
i dont really attract everything i want
if i were to coil it i would call it the power of you

See i am not all that of an achiever
i havent driven a car yet
leave alone sit in a plane
so many things i havent done
But the power of the individual amazes me at times
what i have today
i hoped for once
the power of the secret'?
some of it i did not even dare envision i would hav…

Song of a broken heart

I am heartsick

My mentors, my teachers
We live in a lost lost world
Where good leadership is just an invented mould
And the church is a comical crowd
God doesn’t lead any more
We dumped His ways in a mole hole
To bend a knee for a prayer, we need a special event
Between the truth and lies
Knowingly, we pick the latter
And compete with The Heavenly Father
We choose when to give life and when to take it away
We let men and women get on their knees and beg us for mercy

My fathers, my mothers
We live in a bitter bitter world
Where people are slaughtered!
Head from torso!
Children are killed!
Houses tourched
we actually to nothing
as others lay on a mat days and days dying of starvation
Others laugh at tears
Relax in living rooms, enjoy water rides, trips and all with no fears
peace is a game of words played by the mighty
Who would never let it exist

My brothers, my sistersWe live in a cold cold world
Where husbands leave their wives
And mothers leave their babies
For earthly possessions
Where everything …

Twinkle twinkle

Twinkle twinkle little star
How i wonder how you are,
So apart we both are,
It kills my heart both in and out,
Is your heart still mine?
Am filled with doubt!
or did the memories all depart.
Do they treat you right where you are?
Or do you wish i was there all the time?
Twinkle twinkle little star
everytime i think of you the wound is fresh
and tears roll
how i miss you only heaven knows. Namatsi

pillars of namatsi

She gets up every morning
by God's will,
smiles at the first beautiful sight she sees,
the reflection in the mirror right across her room.


an african queen
a black beautiful woman.

Whether she dances at funerals,
cries in a style
or eats 'tsiswa' and 'omena'
she is filled with an overwhelming cultural pride.

Whether th sun shines or th rain pours:
she is glad to have the present of today.
She is amazed at her awesomeness

she loves herself most
her deathly sin would be pride.
This royal soul has no tolerance for anyone or anything that doesnt love and respect her throne.
She believes that pretenders are ur worst enemies.
She is quick to anger but quick to forgive.
She is a symbol of fire.
She is a lioness, yes that big cat,
she protects herself
she protects her own
she cares
she listens
she is patient
she has a soft spot for animals (except amphibians, especialy frogs!)
she adores nature.
Loves tourism.
She is a cook,
an artist (makes things),
a writer,
a designer,
a tailor,
a dancer,
a poet

from time to time

today i celebrate you
the days passed
the memories we made
from time to time, make me smile, make me cry

today i celebrate you
the days passed
the gifts that you gave
so long ago,
but from time to time, make me smile, make me cry

today i celebrate you
the days passed
the last time i saw your face
the last time i felt your pain
so long ago
but from time to time, makes me tear

today i celebrate you
the days passed
when you'd halla
and i would check on you
so long ago
but from time to time
i sit, i wonder, i wish, i pray
that wherever you are you think of me too

from time to time


Dear God

it happens so many times
you lifting me from the mines
where its all limeand placing me at dime
to shine

it happens so many times
and every timei sit in wonder
and ponder over why
why me?
who bends no knee
who bows no head
whose coated with sin
with faults and cracks
and a sack on my back
filthy as can be
yani, you just sat and choose me

it happens so many times
and every time i am silenced by blessings
never leaving me alone
seeing me through it all
guiding me even when i don't notice

it happens so many times
i just have to say that i love you
and yes
knowing that i can talk to you anytime any day
not needing any special event

lust for poetry

Let’s blaze up the place!
Create a maze,
With words that go BANG! and words that go ROAR!
Metrical compositions,
Carrying feelings and illusions,
Ades, Ballades, Sonnets, Rhymes,
Yes, poems.

Let’s create temptations!
Speak to the heart,
Seduce the spirit and penetrate the soul,
Like the serpent tempted Eve!
Ha! Lets awaken chained desires.
Confuse fantasy and reality,
Give other poets, critics and readers something to ponder.
Let’s reduce crowds to silence by wonder.
For we are no imposters.
But amusers, seducers, educators and entertainers
Yes, Poets

Let’s flame up the place!
With this passionate thirst,
This sensuous appetite,
Strong and excessive like a vampire’s thirst for blood!
If it is a crime;
Let us be wanted
and jailed!
Such is to be risked!
Because this unsatisfied lust for poetry,
Is deep to the bone.
And like a junkie we are held in its thrall.
Yes, lust