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Glaze fire

I want to walk and forget my feet ever bled
Forget blisters and all the thorns and broken glass on the floor
But when these winds blows again and again - I remember the furnace
I remember how the heat felt like - clearly
It makes me weak - It no longer kills me like it used to
We should never visit our dark rooms
We should never sneak a peek at our dying demons
Demons I let die slowly - slow enough to remind me not to take anything for granted
Slow enough to make me remember the lesson
the lesson the universe found important to teach me
Like a pot - glazed fired -
Yet I still see no reason to torture my gentle soul  - but I accept the path it led me to
I remember days I would put my hand to my chest and tell my heart sorry
I remember days I lost myself running crazy in forests
I remember days I drowned in tears and fears
Yes the pain goes away - but the scars remained
Some of us come weak or we come so broken and so scarred that we get afraid to get naked

© Namatsi Lukoye
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I want to love you until life asks me to stop,
beautifully, gently and painfully until my heart stops,
I want to love you with every breath I take...
With every fire I exhale -
With passion intense that makes forget that  I ever drowned.

And should I sleep and never wake,
My love,
I want you to know that my soul will wait and search for yours,
Because to me - the gates of heaven are marked with the prints on your hands,
The key is in your kiss,
For I survive the monsters on earth with your gentle smile and hug,
I hope you will be mine in heaven as you are on earth.

And to say I love you - in this borrowed language,
doesn't do justice to these feelings I have,
I love you with a power that makes me create,
makes me draw pictures with words,
I hope you will be mine in our youth and old age,
I wish forever is a word blessed by the creators of the universe.

© Namatsi Lukoye

A letter to a King

My king

The world is shaking...
But I am here feeling like newborn
For me,
Everything is falling into place - I get on my knees
To protect every feeling coming towards me in a prayer
That power of a spirit
I have found love
I have felt love

The world is dying
Slowly... the green is turning brown
But inside me I find a hope
some warmth that may be... there is still room for change
And all of this is because...
I have found love
I have felt love

I feel a hundred times like a child
waiting for that present she asked for
I am overwhelmed by all these things I feel for you
I am glad, to have them - I thought I had lost them all
I had become tired of leaving pieces of me on wrong paths
It hurts me to imagine all that light i thought I lost -
But now its back, I realise the love I have for you scares me
Its too much allow me to protect it in a prayer
in a hope that maybe the holy spirits can hold it
because we, men of flesh may be weak...
So i want the heavens to remind me always
to stick b…

But let us eat!

The great samurai held his might sword
Within a minute he sliced my confidence with it
His words
And I was lost in a forest, couldn’t find a chord to hold me up
So I let him score! Again and again
I would hide in corners dark, hoping that his light would not burn my eyes
I couldn’t imagine my shadow meeting his…
You would think that he was a god! His actions shook me down to the marrow!
With just an action, the streets would be red! Chaotic
But my siblings loved him!

The great warrior held his mighty spear
From the way he walked, it was clear that he ruled the sphere
Children looked up to him, for a future he did not envision
For him, pain was not pain until it was severe
And I am not talking about bullet holes or acid burns pains!
Much worse! Grief! Like losing the person you love over and over again
He loved the smell of tears; they designed his cologne
He swam in blood and sweat
And wore the skin of other men in the biting cold

The vulture perched on the weak br…

Just before I killed the Cupid!

Look at you... finding your way into a love story! Well then buckle up!
A couple of months ago I was burning every thought of love from my space and life because I had stopped believing in it. I actually hated that word. Someone would say it to me and I would totally flip out concluding the story with, 'the world is too fake to figure out what love is!' My friends would introduce me to new people, or encourage me join dating sites – but I always felt so desperate doing this! People were just shallow! My poems turned dark – they focused more on pain and I would define pain so beautifully you would want to marry it! I look back and cannot believe I gave too much of my time on the darkness.
Day 1
Things can really change! I met him in an official setting - I had been called to give a presentation about this and that; quite honestly I wasn't up for it. I dragged myself out of the office, sweet talking myself that I needed the fresh air and to meet new people. I do not like meetin…

This poem has come with you

Some poems come to me so easily and fast  Some take their time, I have to court them for several days or months  some have fights with my soul - I cannot control They hold a tight grip to my inside and I have to really convince myself to let them out For they are pure and true to a world that doesn’t care You see poets – poets are some mad and crazy humans We let our souls run naked for the world to see So am here to let you know That this poem - This poem has come with you
No pain no gain but this train is too long for a refrain Believe me for a while I forgot how to breathe For the rain was plain – the nights were mean Tears were sweet and pain, pain hurt no more I had become so calloused by it, that every tender touch I gave  Could not only bruise but it could break bones too Love had become the devil The closer it came the faster I ran - to the church cast it out! Please Lord Jesus! Cast it out Bit by bit turning dark Believe me  I have had to search so deep – to let go of fear Fac…

Disrupt - Who am I

Often the universe leads us to paths that lead us to new roads - I recently went to a the land of seeds; thanks to Hivos. Here are the poems I wrote for Disrupt.

Who am I

I am a seed in the soil A farmer in the field The seed company I am the link – I am the bridge I am here and I have something to say
No pain no gain but this train I ride is too long The rain I see, fall is too plain It fills me with needless pain Ni usiku wa manane giza kote imeenea Amelala shujaa, mkulima – kesho ifike jembe akashike Si usingizi mzito ni ule wa kudukuadukua Ule wa kuhofia – wa kufikiria Kidogo amelala, kidogo anaamka wasi wasi – kila mara Tukajajua mja huyu ni  bingwa! Kwani sote twamtegemea Vita ametupigania – chakula mezani kifike -  lazima nimzungumzie He stands alone – feels alone – looks for hope
Stripped of rights 
In a country so rich
I am a seed in the soil A farmer in the field The seed company I am the link – I am the bridge I am here and I have something to say
In sleepless nights with no ligh…